Healing the Chakras: Heart Chakra (Anahata)


Heart Chakra – Anahata – Air Chakra

What is the Anahata chakra ?

Heart Chakra, also known as the 4th chakra or the Chakra, deals with the love and compassion. A lot of grief creates a heart chakra blockage.

The Anahata has an important role in our body, linking the earthly chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) to the spiritual chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Sahasrara).

Where is the Anahata chakra ?

Location : In the center of the chakra system; in the center of the chest, between the breasts.

Heart chakra meaning

Purpose (role) : understanding ourselves in this World. Anahata is a channel for Universal Compassion and Self Love.

Corresponding Organs and Body Functions: cardiac system, lungs, thymus – immune system

A balanced Anahata

Every chakra has the ability to be in balance, to be overactive or underactive, depending on the way the energy flows through the chakra.

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A balanced Anahata make you feel a deep compassion for all living beings on Earth. Infinite Love is flowing through you.

You are kind and understanding. Unconditional Self Love is another sign of a balanced Anahata This great achievement gives you the opportunity to accept others for their True Self, and to love them accordingly.

You understand the nonsense of judging others. A functional Heart energy vortex helps you accept the fact that everyone has his own evolutionary rhythm. We are not supposed to push each other, but to support each other.

You feel comfortable so spend time alone, and you are able to avoid toxic people just for the sake of having company.

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Overactive Anahata

Having an overactive Anahata , make you unable to control your emotions. No matter if we take into consideration the negative or the positive emotions, you are overwhelmed by them.

You may exaggerate in you critical and judgmental attitude on you and on others. Conditional Love is representative for an overactive Anahata.

Also, emotional dependency on partners, giving more than you receive, emotional and physically.

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Guided Heart Meditation

Underactive or Blocked heart chakra

On the other side, an underactive Anahata transforms you in a negative thinker. This negativity comes from the traumas we suffered in our childhood and adulthood. That baggage of sufferings make you feel unloved, unappreciated, unneeded.

But all this lack of self-esteem will only bring in your life, experiences to prove your beliefs. Considering the emotional field, you find it difficult to trust your partner, and you live like a cancer in his shell. You protect your hurt feelings with a high wall of uncertainties.

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Physical symptoms

These behavior characteristics of an unbalanced Anahata are accompanied by some physical symptoms, as well. The most common “body signals” corresponding to this chakra are heart palpitations, pain located in the chest, blood circulation problems, high/low blood pressure, and even heart attack.

This strong negative effect of emotions on the Heart are strongly related with the electromagnetic field of the Heart.

Read more about the Heart`s Electromagnetic Field , here .

It is very important to dissolve the blockages you collected in Anahata, through years. This Chakra is the energetic link between the spiritual chakras and the earthly chakras.

Therefore, a blockage at this level prevents a good communication between the body and the spirit.

HEART Chakra blockage
HEART Chakra blockage

How to open heart chakra 

In order to start your Anahata  healing process, to restore optimum balance and aliveness in your everyday life, to gain love, joy, happiness and compassion, you need to get rid of the grief feelings.

There are different ways to balance and heal your chakra system. You can try music therapy, color therapy, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, healing affirmations, associated food therapy, bio-energetic treatments, Yoga poses, nature.

Each of the earlier mentioned methods, transmit particular vibrational frequencies that help our body and our related chakra align to a natural and harmonized vibrational scheme.

Anahata Healing and Balancing Therapies

Healing Heart Chakra
Healing Heart Chakra


Color Therapy –

The corresponding color for Anahata is Green. The vibration of this color can help this chakra to come back into alignment, even if it is trough green clothes, images, food.

You can visualize a green rosebud in the center of your chest. Read more about C0lor Therapy. 

Crystal Therapy  –

What is the best heart chakra crystal?

There are several stone types that have a healing effect on the Anahata .

The original vibration frequency of these crystals help the Air Chakra to realign to the matching frequencies: Malachite, Jade, Green Tourmaline, Emerald, Peridot.

Healing Affirmations

– As we agreed in previous articles, the power of words is another ally in our Chakra healing process.

Here are some of the powerful affirmation to help you dissolve your emotional blockages that prevent normal energy flowing through Anahata :

“I love myself”

“ Compassion is my new religion”

“I share my love to all living beings”

“My life is balanced, with grace and gratitude”

“I let go my fears about giving and receiving unconditional love”

“I forgive myself and others”

Food Therapy –

A green color based diet can quickly restore the level of energy flowing for the Air Chakra. Eat green foods like spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, peas, zucchini, green apples, pears, kiwi, avocado.

Nature Therapy –

Also, your breathing is very important for this chakra. It`s corresponding element is the Air. Anahata corresponding organs depend on air: the lungs and the heart.

So, if you haven`t heart until now about controlled breathing, maybe you should start reading about it. Walk and stay in the wind. Go often to the mountain for the fresh air. Fly a kite on a breezy day. Practice deep and controlled breathing. Maybe, on a heart meditation session.


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Aroma Therapy –

The 4th  Chakra or the Anahata healing process can be enhanced with the use of ylang-ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Pine, Rosewood essential oils.

Music Therapy-  

Corresponding Mantra: ‘YAM’  The Anahata vibrates to the note “B”. Music was always known to have the most powerful effect on our bodies.

In a previous article, The Healing Power of Music, we presented the way that musical vibrations help us vibrate to the Natural vibrational frequency.

Researchers discovered that Healing and Balancing Sounds For The Anahata have a 639 Hz frequency.


Steps for healing the Anahata Chakra:

Accept and Love Yourself if You Want to receive Love

We must first love ourselves before offering others unconditional love. Accept your past. Accept that in every experience you`ve been through, there is a lesson. Try to figure out what the lesson is.

When you start to think like this, you will be able to understand and to forgive you. But, you must also accept that we are constantly evolving beings. And that we may change our reactions according to the consciousness level we reached.

The others are our own reflection. Both with the parts we like and dislike. If we are love and compassion, that will be the Universe`s reflection in our Earthly life.

We possess the Wealth DNA inside of ourselves. 

You see modern scientists call it “DNA” but ancient eastern teaching referred to it as “chakras.” 

But whether you want to use the modern term of the traditional language, the fact remains the same…

All you need to do is “activate” the energy center that attracts wealth…

Reconnect to Nature and to Natural Air

Because the Air is the element of the Anahata , staying outside on a breezy day is an inspired choice. Feel the breeze upon your skin, allow your heart to feel the breathing!

Radiate Compassion

Release all your sadness and loss. Unconditional Love will make you capable of giving compassion. Both to you and to others. Compassion is the sign that your Anahata starts to heal.

Furthermore, we need to understand the energetic importance of this Chakra.

To conclude, this Air-dependent chakra has a very important role in translating information that flows from the “body chakras” (1st ,2nd ,3rd ) to the “soul chakras” “5th, 6th, 7th ”.

Also, the Anahata works like a frequencies translator for the body.


To understand more about the Heart Electromagnetic Field, read The Heart as an Intelligent Brain

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