Guided Heart Meditation


With years of experience in meditation, we have carefully crafted a guide for the new joiners – the Guided Heart Meditation.

The Guided Heart Meditation is designed as an exercise, working on the emotional and psychological level. Both are impacting an individual, so they need to be taken care off closely.


Learning meditation can be hard, without guidance.

Especially with all the noise constantly around us. Being able to listen to your inner silence can be a challenge in the beginnings.


Try our Guided Heart Meditation to clean and balance your heart.

The Guided Heart Meditation is a modern phenomenon as it is an easy way to start with meditation. Since every learning process is faster and easier if presented by an instructor, teacher or guide, meditation can also be easier adopted when benefiting from guidance.

The practice of meditation requires some dose of will-power and of course, strong determination. In the past, people were more committed to these practices. They had strong ideals fueling their motivation. Maybe because their lives were more simple than ours, with less distractions.

We live different times now. Our life is busier and on a continuous schedule. Will-power is a less common personal asset. Distractions are everywhere. Meditation is often saw as a tool to develop better health, enhance performance or self-improvement. We got used to identify our needs with the commercials we see on TV or we hear on the radio. But this is totally wrong. We need to learn how to silence our minds, to rejoin with our true essence. With our souls. To identify our true needs, and to equally feed our body, spirit and mind. Permit yourself to evolve. To identify the parts that no longer serve you, to let them go, and to make room for new ideals that truly reflect who you are in the present moment.

What are the benefits of Guided Heart Meditation?


  • designed as an exercise, it satisfies our mind’s necessity to focus on a topic in initial steps of meditation
  • works with the emotional level, balancing the listener’s Heart Chakra
  • correlates the emotional with the psychological level, empowering the listener to purify from negative emotions and vibrate higher

Guided meditation is like cooking with a recipe

For these reasons, guided meditation can indeed be a good way to introduce you to the practice. Once you get used to the practice, I suggest you to take the practice to the next level, and to try meditate unassisted by audio device. It is up to you to decide when you feel ready to take this step.

I see guided meditation like cooking with a recipe. You have the determination to learn it, and with the help of the recipe, you make sure you can eat the food when it is ready. But once you understand the principles and flavors, you can cook your own dish. It will have a different and unique taste, of course. Personalized for you, making you not wanting to use the recipe anymore.

With years of experience in meditation, we have carefully created our best recipe – the Guided Heart Meditation.

Guided Heart Meditation works on the Heart Chakra, also known as the 4th chakra or the Anahata Chakra, which deals with the love and compassion, and it is blocked by grief.

The Heart Chakra has an important role in our body, linking the earthly chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) to the spiritual chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Sahasrara).

Why do I need a balanced Heart Chakra?

Every chakra has the ability to be in balance, to be over-active or under-active, depending on the way the energy flows through the chakra

A balanced Heart Chakra make you feel a deep compassion for all living beings on Earth. Infinite Love is flowing through you. You are kind and understanding. Unconditional Self Love is another sign of a balanced Heart Chakra. This great achievement gives you the opportunity to accept others for their True Self, and to love them accordingly. You understand the nonsense of judging others. A functional Heart energy vortex helps you accept the fact that everyone has his own evolutionary rhythm. We are not supposed to push each other, but to support each other.

You feel comfortable so spend time alone, and you are able to avoid toxic people just for the sake of having company.


Having an over-active Heart Chakra, make you unable to control your emotions. No matter if we take into consideration the negative or the positive emotions, you are overwhelmed by them. You may exaggerate in you critical and judgmental attitude on you and on others. Conditional Love is representative for an over-active Anahata. Also, emotional dependency on partners, giving more than you receive, emotional and physically.



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