twin flames

twin flames

Synchronicity signs that show you found your Twin Flame

What are Twin Flames?

Twin flames are the flames of the same soul, in two different bodies. When Twin Flames reunite, the Universal energy shifts, due to the strong vibration emitted by the two souls feeling again as One.

That moment when you feel the ground is running under your feet. You feel like the time stops. Suddenly you are able to concentrate all your energies to a single feeling. On the feeling that you are complete, again.  Meeting your twin flame may give you the feeling that you finally finished your path in finding yourself.

Finding the right soul mate may come after you learned a few lessons. Just when you lose your trust in the existence of true love. Maybe you will try to reject the meaning of synchronicity, at first. The chances that your twin flame won`t correspond to your ego`s projection of soul mate are numerous. But, if you are willing to receive and to understand synchronicity signs to answer your questions, I can assure you will find your twin flame.

Recognition signs between Twin Flames

There are a lot of recognition signs that we establish with our twin flames, before coming here on Earth. Some chose to pick the other`s half smile as a sign, others the look in their eyes, or maybe their voice. These are recognition signs, and that`s why living the experience of that sign creates the feeling that the time stops. This is a sign that something important is about to happen.

I can tell you this “game” worth the effort. The moment you reunite with your soul mate, you feel like you are looking in a mirror. You feel yourself reflected in your “other half”

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Let`s silence our ego and see what are the most common signs that you found your twin flame

  • You have a strong feeling of connection with them, knowing for sure you never felt this intensity before

You feel more positive and relaxed around them. Also, you feel energetically balanced and in tune with the Universal energy

  • Together you are a harmonious Yin & Yang example

At the surface you may seem exactly opposites. Having different likes and dislikes. But on the inside, you complement one another`s strengths and weaknesses like a true example of Oneness.

  • Your telepathic connection is strong, being able to feel one another`s feelings

Even if you and your partner are separated by distance, you are able to feel when he/she thinks about you. You are able to feel one another`s feelings. Both positive and negative. The compassion level between the two of you is even.

  •  Learning your life lessons together, you become better humans

You realize that both of you were meant to be together for a better understanding of life here on Earth. After hard life experiences, you find yourselves together, more powerful, wiser and stronger.  Together you feel the desire to help humanity in this spiritual awakening shift.

  • You can manifest your authentic self

Your twin flame won`t try to change you. And you won`t try to change them. Because you are compatible. Your inner vibration is the same.

  • Together you learn important life lessons

Gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, empathy are lessons you are able to learn near your twin flame. That is because of the true love you share, that gives you the power to experience all these important lessons.

  • You are magnetically attracted to your twin flame, no matter how much time you need to realize this fact

Even if you are afraid to experience this relationship, because you feel a strong vulnerability around them, the Universe will bring you back together. “Coincidences” may occur when least expected.

We are all free to live or to refuse living this divine experience. We all have a twin soul. “The other half” that understands us both when we are happy and in pain. The person that knows to underline our talents. And knows to help us heal our old wounds. It depend on us if we want to play the “Drama Queen” role or to live the Divine experience of Oneness.

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