color therapy

Color Healing Impact on Human Body

color therapy
color therapy

Color Healing Impact on Human Body

Colors and their healing potential have been studied for over 2000 years, all around the world.  Many different civilizations have experienced, have learned and have used colors. We are still learning today about how color affects us and their importance in our mental, physical and spiritual health.

The origins of color therapy

Ancient Egyptians

used color in therapy and for aliments. They knew that without Sun, life would not exist, and they knew to take advantages of the Sun exposure benefits. They ruled their lives taking the nature as example. Egyptian floors were often green, the color of the grass. Blue, the color of the sky and of the ocean was a very important color for Egyptians, too. Also, the Egyptians had healing temples. They had the knowledge of crystal therapy, using crystals through the sun was shining.

There are written proofs dated back in 1500 BC of color “cures” or what we today know as color therapy. The deep understanding, knowledge and belief in the healing power or the colors were almost lost, when the Greeks started to focus only on the scientific value of colors. The Chinese also studied the healing power of colors. The Nei/ching, 2000 years old, contains information about color diagnoses.

Great people studied the colors during history


was the one to elaborate early studies and theories about light.  Putting a blue and a yellow glass together, he discovered that a third color forms, green. He discovered that the light travels in waves. Pythagoras and Plato also studied light.


was the one to bring to people`s attention the healing power of colors, during the Middle Ages. He studied the regenerating power of color rays along with music and medicinal herbs. He was ridiculed at that time. How many of us would follow him on Facebook today?

Although most of his manuscripts were burned down, he is known to be one of the greatest healer at that time.  Nowadays, we use Color therapy frequently with music therapy and healing herbs, in complementary therapies.

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Issac Newton

was a pioneer in the field of colors. He passed a beam of sunlight through a prism. The light he obtained as an output prism result was not white. But seven different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Newton named the different color rays  spectrum . Continuing his research on the subject, he discovered that when the light rays were passed again through the prism, they turned back into white light.  If a single color ray  passes through the prism, it came out the prism having the same color. As a logical conclusion to the experiment, he said that the light we perceive to be white, with our physical eyes, seems to contain  7 different color rays.  These 7 different color rays are the colors of the Rainbow. Also they are the color of our 7 chakra system.

Read more about the influence of a Balanced chakra system on mental health, here.

As deeply as we search, the miraculous impact of the Sun on our health is clearer.

Medical science studies attest Sun`s effect on our physical body. Not only the white light of the Sun heals us, but we now know exactly why. the white light contains exactly the same 7 colors that correspond to our chakra energetic system. And the balance of this energetic vortexes is mandatory for the balance of the mind, body and spirit.  Read  about balancing the chakra system.

In a previous article I spoke about the Healing power of music on our health. We spoke about the way sound travels in the form of waves. In other article we spoke about our Heart, being an intelligent organ that has it`s own brain. And also a magnetic field, that interacts with the planetary magnetic field. All the above mentioned are vibrations. Vibrations at different frequencies. Earth has his own vibrational frequency.  Each of us has a personal vibrational frequency. Our organs and component parts of the body vibrate to a certain frequency.

Colors have their own vibrational frequencies, too.

Here is a suggestive table with the colors and the corresponding frequency interval:


So, it`s not rocket science to understand why colors are such good healers for our body.

Because the reality of what we know is a little bit complex than we imagined before.  “Color” is a word, a label. Same as “red” or “blue” are. This words have associated not only a name, but also a unique vibration frequency that interacts with our personal invisible reality. It influences the dimension our Heart vibrates in.

Red is a DNA activator and stimulates the Immune System. 

Yellow regulates digestion.

In addition, Green heals the lungs, heart and chest.

Therefore, each color has a healing effect on the organs that are energetically bound to the corresponding chakra color. But I will speak about this subject in future article.

Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when we speak about colors, is the link and correspondence of the colors to the musical notes. You can read useful information about Converting Audio Tones to the Visible Spectrum of Light, on:


Image from

This table illustrates the best the correspondence between musical notes and colors, in the visible spectrum of light.

The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light. A typical healthy human eye will be able to translate wavelengths that correspond to frequency between 430 and 770 THz.

Not all the living beings on Earth have the same visible spectrum.

Many species can see the light with frequencies outside the human visible spectrum. Bees for example, and many other insects can translate ultraviolet light, helping them to detect the nectar in flowers, to feed. Birds, too, can see into the ultraviolet.  If we think about their ability to translate and perceive ultraviolet light, and that the ultraviolet light has a higher vibrational frequency, can we conclude that other living species on Earth are able to see things different than we do.

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To conclude

We are lucky to live in a time that the Sun, our primordial life source, is about to be understood for his parental care for us, again. Going back to the origins, to the ancestral knowledge and respect for nature will make us change our thoughts. As a result, our vibrational frequencies will increase. And the Earth`s vibrational frequency will increase, too, as there is a  strongly link between our individual frequencies and Earth vibration.


Therefore, we need to open our Third Eye, our soul`s eye to see all that is associated with the labels we gave to our environmental components. Also, we need to understand that words are not only words,  they are vibrations , first of all. So is music, so are the colors, the rocks and crystals.

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