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Alkaline Water Benefits. Why Should We Drink It?


Why Should We Drink Alkaline Water?

We spoke on a previous article about water and the importance of it in the process of maintaining life. Water is essential for life. In the last few years, we heard a lot about alkaline water, a new healthy alternative to tap water and to bottled water as well.

Today I want to debate this subject, as it is presented by marketers as having less acid, and a numerous health benefits. Seems like Alkaline Water can help with the acid reflux problems, it supports bone health, reduces body fat and neutralizes acid in the bloodstream.

But are all of this true facts? Or are they only marketing strategies?

First of all, what is Alkaline Water?

At first sight, Alkaline water is just water with a notable highly PH level than tap water.

As a reminder, the PH value measures acidity on a scale of 0 to 14. In this scale, 0 is completely acidic, while 14 is completely alkaline.

As you expect, 7 is the neutral considered value for the scale. Alkaline water has a PH greater than 7, up to 9, or even higher.

You can measure the PH level using regular PH strips or using a Digital PH Meter:


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How to obtain Alkaline Water?

You can obtain it in 2 ways:


These kind of devices process tap water, splitting the H2O compound that forms water, into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Finally, some hydrogen acidifying molecules are removed from water, resulting into a higher PH level.

This is how the ionizer raises the water`s PH

Adding alkaline ingredients and minerals:

Baking Soda Alkaline Water
Baking Soda Alkaline Water

We can find natural high PH water in nature. Spring water is usually alkaline, taking her alkalinity from the minerals it picks up, such potassium and calcium.

If we don`t have access to natural spring water, we can manufacture our own alkaline water, by adding alkaline ingredients, like bicarbonate.

Alkaline water has a PH value above 7. We can obtain it using either a ionizer or by adding alkaline ingredients in it.

How important is the PH in our body?

If you still wonder why is water so important for us, please read the article on Water`s importance in our lives – We are water!

As a refresher, different parts of our body have different PH levels:

Blood: PH of a healthy body is slightly alkaline 7,35-7,45

Stomach: the most acid area of the body has a PH range from 1,35 to 3,5, in order to be able to digest food

Urine: has a variable PH, the range being from 4,6 to 8

Saliva: PH range from 6,4 to 7,5

Sweat: PH range from 4,5-4,8

When the PH in our blood reached the value 6,95, we experience coma and we are in danger of death.

After seeing the different PH ranges for different parts of the body, let`s focus our attention on the impact our diet has on the acid-base balance of the body.

Researchers say that certain foods, such meat, sugar, alcohol and refined grains, heighten your acidity level. On the other side, vegetables and potassium rich fruits seem to be alkaline.

Analyzing this information on a deeper level, we will see that during digestion process, our body produces some byproducts. These products can be either acidic or alkaline.

I will take the example of metabolizing proteins. In order to digest protein, our body produces sulfuric acid, referred to  be a non-volatile acid.

Furthermore, to metabolize potassium, your body produces bicarbonate, an alkaline compound.

So, it may seem simple to conclude that meat creates a more acidic body, and vegetables have the opposite effect. But it is not that simple. These byproducts of metabolism don`t have a lasting effect on your body`s PH. In part, that is because the different PH ranges we say earlier for different parts of the body.

Usually, when people talk about the food impact on your PH level, they refer to the PH of your blood.

But the real deal is that your body tightly regulates your blood PH level, through your lungs and kidneys.

We were designed to get rid of the extra acid in our blood through breathing and urination. This means that the blood PH variation related to food consumption does not have a long term effect on the body.

Alkaline Water DIY
Alkaline Water DIY

Alkaline Water Health Benefits

Better Hydration 

A small study was conducted in 2010 on 38 young, healthy participants, who drank either water with a high PH of 10 or regular water. The experiment ran over 4 weeks.

Researchers reported that those who drank high PH water, had more alkaline urine and blood. Also, their hydration level was higher than those who drank regular water.

Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis 

Scientists discovered that a high level of acid in your body, maintained for a long period of time, may weaken bones by drawing calcium out of skeleton.

High PH water may benefit bone health. Results of numerous studies sustain this idea.

For example, in 2010, a study showed that among women over 75, those who had a lower acid load and a higher potassium intake from their diet, had a higher bone density.

Forget about Acid Reflux 

If you suffer from acid reflux, alkaline water will help for sure.

Researcher tested  water with a PH of 8.8 and found in it inactivated pepsin, a digestive enzyme that is one of the main culprits in gastro esophageal reflux disease.

So, drinking high PH water is like taking an antacid.

Reduce Body Fat 

The theory behind this claim is that your body uses fat cells to defend itself from acid. By drinking alkaline water, your body no longer needs protection from fat cells, and you`ll shed them.

No Side Effects. Alkaline Water is Safe for drinking

High PH Water is safe and there are no side effects associated with its consumption. The major downside is that it is much more expensive than tap water, as the ionizers have high prices. These expenses may not be justified.

Also, we shouldn`t make this type of water our main water choice.

Drinking only alkaline water is similar to taking a lot of antacid pills in one day. The high PH can neutralize the effect of the acid in your stomach. This may cause some digestive problems, like incomplete indigestion and constipation.

Are There Any Alkaline Water Producers?

There are plenty of alkaline water producers, since the concept gained popularity. Most likely you will find it in the bottled water section of any of your local stores.

Here is a list of specific brands of bottled water:

Essentia 9,5 PH

Aqua Hydrate: 9 PH

Evamor: 9 PH

Homemade Alkaline Water

Homemade Alkaline Water is the cheap and healthier alternative to the expensive bottled water.

The easiest way to make your own alkaline water is to add bicarbonate or baking soda in it.

Half a teaspoon of baking soda will raise the PH for a gallon of water.

Many people also say that lemon water is alkaline, claiming it becomes alkaline in your body.

Personally, I prefer to use both lemon and baking soda to make alkaline water.

Another way to make your high PH water is to use a Home Water Ionizer. There are plenty of Water Ionizer products, and I summarized a short list for you.

Today, you have special offers for a lot of Water Ionizers:


To conclude, drinking any kind of water is good for your health.


Whether you decide to drink bottled alkaline water from famous brands or you decide to make your own alkaline water, it`s good to drink at least 2 glasses a day. Researchers say it`s worth it.

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