Indigo Children Test

Indigo Children Test

Who are the Indigo Children?

The indigo children are those who are not like the others, in their own way of behavior and understanding life. Our social, educational and mental structures don’t understand them. Indigo children incarnated on Earth for the last 100 years, but the strongest “wave”  of indigo children was in the 70`s. They are our future leaders, they are strong adults, with increasing abilities and a high level of creativity. Indigo children were born by 2000, when the crystal children started to come on our planet.  Their role is to help us thrive to the next step of our collective evolution.

Are you strongly intuitive and perceived as “strange” or as a”loner”, no matter how hard you try to fit in? Are you sensitive to processed food and additives?  You may be an Indigo Child.  Take our free Indigo Children Test to discover your  percentage score!

Take your free Indigo Children Test: 

Welcome to your Indigo Children

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