Indigo Children Test

Indigo Children Test. Are you an Indigo Child?


Who are the Indigo Children?

The indigo children are those who are not like the others, in their own way of behavior and understanding life. They are our future leaders, they are strong adults, with increasing abilities and a high level of creativity.

When did Indigo Children start to incarnate on Earth?

Our social, educational and mental structures don’t understand them. Indigo children incarnated on Earth for the last 100 years, but the strongest “wave”  of indigo children was in the 70`s.

What is Indigo Childrens` Mission on Earth?

Indigo children were born by 2000, when the crystal children started to come on our planet.  Their role is to help us thrive to the next step of our collective evolution.

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How do you find out if you are an Indigo Child?

Are you strongly intuitive and perceived as “strange” or as a”loner”, no matter how hard you try to fit in? Are you sensitive to processed food and additives?  You may be an Indigo Child.


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What would happen if you woke up in a few weeks and your life was transforming before your very eyes?

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Welcome to your Indigo Children


You can easily feel what others think or what they feel, before they tell you.


You don`t have a conventional temperament, even though you love to help people.


You are sensitive about the current environmental problems.


Very often, you experience a feeling that you have an inner mission to accomplish. Do you feel that you are here on Earth for a special purpose?


Sometimes, others think you are strange or odd, regardless of how hard you try to blend in.


Your intuition is very deep and you like to live your life guided by intuition.


You like to know WHY you have to do certain things. You don`t like to execute without knowing the purpose of the action.


When it comes about your artistic part, you get very excited when creating music, painting, writing, dancing


Sometimes you experience episodes of deep anxiety or depression, out of nowhere.


Your life motto is : "If it works, don`t try to fix it!"


You have a deep sense of detecting the lies. On and on again...

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8 thoughts on “Indigo Children Test. Are you an Indigo Child?”

  1. my name is Tashana and I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something important and I don’t know what it is. I’ve been feeling like this for years now.i just need to know my purpose

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  4. Patty Schlossberg

    I am 57 but I have several of the traits of the indigo children. I believe many of us including myself were born well before 2000 and we share the traits with our children and grandchildren. We too were labeled with ADHD, highly intuitive and sensitive. Many of us did not fit in with our peers and were considered difficult by our parents. Many people called us “freaks” so we were forced to surpress who we were and our abilities/talents. People are more accepting with this generation. I have encouraged my own daughter to hold on to her own talents and listen to her intuition and trust it. I believe the people who coined the new age terms for these kids need to definitely look further back than 2000. Many of us such as myself have the same gifts but were forced by society to suppress. I finally stopped listening and let my talents develop.

  5. Hi! I have always been different. Regardless of my location. I have the creativity the size of a blue whale, I’m extremely smart and understand things easily, I love nature, and I always feel as though I have a mission to fulfill. I’ve gone though every possible reason for why I’m like this, from ADHD to psychoness. I’m extremely glad to have found what I am. Thanks.

    1. Hello!

      I am glad that this article helped you discover your root energy! Our mission is not easy, but that is the exact reason we enrolled here! We are strong light beings, and we can handle it! Don`t lose your trust in your power! Namaste

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