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Our new project on empowering people through Mindset Coaching. Our purpose at Awaken Mindset is to help others to improve in all areas of life, to finally achieve and enjoy their Life Goals , by changing their beliefs and persistent patterns of thinking.

Our mission is to help humanity create a new belief system, in which love, freedom, creativity, nature and the feeling of oneness are valuable life partners.

We will be your Health and Wellness Coach, providing you guidance in the practice of Meditation, Yoga and Chakra healing, in order to maintain your Mental Health.

Free Quizzes and Tests

Our quizzes and tests allows you to better know yourself. Twin flame love is unique, and our Twin Flames Test will give you more hints about this!

Physical and Mental health

Physical and Mental health are strong related with your lifestyle. Meditation and Yoga are the most powerful practices to gain and to maintain your Health and Wellness.

Easter Decorations Ideas

From Easter Baskets to House décorBunnies and Beyond, these Easter decorations ideas are certain to make your holiday a whole lot happier.

Lifestyle with Awaken Mindset

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees and Lights, Christmas Gift Ideas @ Awaken Mindset

 Christmas is a gift giving holiday. People complete the Advent Calendar, others light the candles on the Christmas wreath. Be inspired by our Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Garlands, mistletoe, Christmas trees with their beautiful Christmas lights. An abundance of light, colors and beautiful sounds! These are only a few reasons why Christmas is the best holiday of the year!

Meditation and Chakra Healing

What is Meditation ? Learn about different types of meditation and about the benefits of meditation: transcendental meditationguided meditationmindfulness meditationvipassana meditationBuddhist and zen meditation and a lot more!

Learn what is a chakra and what are the chakra symbols for : root chakrasacral chakrasolar plexus chakraheart chakrathroat chakrathird eye chakra and crown chakra

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Your Numerology number reveals a lot of your characteristics. If you ever wondered what is your numerology number, also known as numerology life path number, and how does Numerology compatibility work, check the below section.

You don`t need a life path calculator, just follow the simple math formula to find your life path number.

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We created a Guided Meditation for the Heart Chakra to help you unlock your love potential.


The Soulmate Oracle is the best guide to explain the Twin Flame Meaning for those who still wonder what is a twin flame. Reading this book, you will find step by step how to find your Twin Flame and how to recognize it. Learn how to to recognize a Soulmate experience or a Twin Flame one.

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