Gift Experiences Christmas 2019

20 Gift Experiences for Christmas 2019

Gift experiences are in fact memories. Because memories are all that we can keep with us forever.  Usually, when we think about gift experiences, we think about big expenses. But that should not necessarily be the case for this year.

Start preparing your Christmas gift list for 2019 today. Surprise your family and friends by showing your appreciation in a different way this Christmas. Your gift experiences don`t have to be expensive. Personally, I consider that hobby-related gift experiences are the ones that make people enjoy them. And that is all what Christmas and holidays are about. Happiness, joy, love and affections, and of course, creating precious memories.

When we hear “gift experiences”, our mind goes to sporting events, exotic vacations or luxury crosiers. But if you give yourself some time to reflect on your loved one’s hobbies, I guarantee you that you will offer some cheap or at least affordable gift experiences for this Christmas.

It`s not to early to do your Christmas gift ideas list 2019, as Santa is 2 months ahead and John Lewis revealed the representative themes for this year.

Therefore, I dare you to offer a beautiful experience for everyone this year, even for those you have postponed year by year. Make sure you are not putting too much pressure on the receiver of the present, by setting a too short period for them to claim the prize.

Bellow you can check our favorite choices when it comes to offer great experience gifts. 

1 Ice Skating

Ice skating experience

Since I was little, I loved skating, but especially ice skating in the winter.  Organize a fun trip to the rink. You will charge your heart with joy and happiness. This experience is not expensive at all, so you can involve all your cousins or friends, without making a black hole in your budget. I am pretty sure a lot of good memories will flood your brain. To complete your childhood picture, make sure you grab some hot tea and some cookies.  For an average of $20 per person.

2 Gardening/ composting class

Gardening classes

Composting is creating life. While gardening is maintaining it. A lot of local community gardens offer these types of workshops for an average of $25. Wine included.  This is a perfect gift experience for children. And not only for them. It both fills you with creative energy and purifies your negative emotions.

3 Movie or theatre tickets for two

Movie tickets

There are tons of movies to choose from.  Action, comedy or musical, watching is fun if you have the right company.  Grab some nachos, popcorn and a big soda, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy a good movie or a theatre play. Prices for this experience may vary. Nevertheless, you won`t exceed a $40 budget for two. Of course, you can pic an AMC plan, they have good deals per month, under $25.

4 Virtual reality gaming night with friends

Virtual reality games

You know why Laser-tag and other gaming trends are so cool to experience? Because we didn`t have those when we were kids. As a student, I remember playing with friends all night long. Online games on the computer. Head out with some friends for a widely competitive evening, playing VR games. Prices may vary, but it won`t exceed $15 per person. Virtual Reality experiences are 35% Off this period. The pack contains one hour of VR experiences for up to four people. An open Booth includes VR headsets, TV and couch to play more than 50 different VR experiences. Guests can view on TV what the player sees in VR. 

5 Gastronomy classes -cooking classes

cooking classes

For someone who likes to cook or for someone who doesn`t even know how to start the oven.  Gastronomy classes are very popular and fun. A chocolate workshop can be the best choice for your best friend. If you want to learn more about baking macarons, for example, you don`t have to travel to Paris. All you have to do is attending a Mille-Feuille Baking Class on Groupon. This gift experience is around $100, but the delicious final products makes it all. 

6 Online yoga and meditation classes

Yoga Classes gift experience

If you find yourself daydreaming about attending a yoga class, treat yourself this favor on Christmas. Buy passes to your favorite yoga studio. My favorite one in town charges below $50 for a monthly pass.  This would be a great opportunity to find your inner peace and to relax. Another option is to buy online tickets for a great meditation class. You can take your best friend with you and spend some quality time together.

On the other side, I have some recommendations for the expenses gift experiences, also.

7 Luxury Massage and Spa

Luxury massage spa

If you are dreaming for a luxury massage experience, you should know that Groupon offers reduced prices on all types of massages. You can definitely take your loved one with you, because they even have good deals for couples. Couple Relax Spa have 30% off for one-hour couples’ Swedish massage with 20-minute sauna session. Massage and sauna can improve blood circulation, relax tensioned muscles and detoxify your body. This kind of gift shouldn`t be too expensive if you book reservations during their promotional offers.

8 Facial Cosmetic Treatments

facial cosmetic treatment gift experience

Plan a Facial Cosmetic Massage and Treatment with a friend. Most of the time you can grab an offer for a Facial Massage fairly inexpensive. And it is a great refreshing gift experience.  Groupon will do the trick for this kind of services, also. Relaxing your facial muscles is essential for a fresh young look. After our 30s, the body collagen production decreases, resulting in our first expression wrinkles.  There are cosmetic treatments that stimulate this collagen production and that`s all organic. Plus, it`s a great opportunity for a well-deserved relaxation.

9 Online Musical Classes for at least a month

Online Musical Classes

Your friend can learn how to play classic songs from her own living room. You can learn to play everything you desire, from guitar basics to specific songs. The Center Stage Guitar Academy offers guitar lesson packages for beginners. This Online Academy also offers the option for One Year subscription to online guitar lessons. They were rated by more than 2,5K people on Groupon, raving about the impact it had on their musical skills. 2020 is almost here and life is much easier if we use the Internet wisely.  

10 Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving gift experience

Let your kid experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump from a plane with a parachute. Cloud 9 Living offer great E-gift Cards and E-vouchers in more than 40 locations all over US. You should know they recommend to request bookings at least 7 days in advance. They have blackout dates on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day so hurry up to make your reservation. If you are giving this experience as a gift, you should buy gift voucher, that gives your recipient the opportunity to choose a date at their convenience.

11 Seasonal theme park passes

observation deck Chicago

Amusement parks are another popular and fun choice to offer as a gift experience. From culinary parks to sport or art parks, there is a large variety of offers on Groupon. 360 Chicago has an observation deck that offers a unique, breathtaking, view of the city. You can enjoy unbelievably beautiful views of Chicago from the observation deck situated on the 94th floor of the John Hancock center.

12 Sailing trip Manhattan

sailing trip Manhattan

 New York City Sunset Sail offer different passes from which we recommend Manhattan by Sail. You can watch night fall on the city as the sun sets behind the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy this beautiful breathtaking trip while sipping a cocktail as they have a full bar on board. The price for this experience should we around $50. This is a great chance to enjoy quality time with the entire family.

13 Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon rides

Chicago Balloon Rides have almost 30% off for their ride experiences. You can feel as Jules Verne for almost 5 hours, enjoying scenic countryside views. I am pretty sure it is an amazing experience. You can take beautiful pictures and record videos while above the city. The cost for this kind of experience is around $200 per person. 

14 Photography Lessons

photography lessons

iPhotography have really good deals for online courses (90% off). Their packages are very informative and explained in an easy to understand format, reviewers say.  Improve your photography skill learning from basic to advanced camera techniques. The 18 modules present useful information both for smartphone shooter as for the DSLR pros also. It is time to learn how to take high quality photos learning it as a game. If you book today it will only cost you $49.

15 Meal planning service

Imagine how it would be to have a six months weekly online dinner plan. Or a vegan plan for 3 months. This amazing gift is one click away. The options are endless, depending on what your needs are. This is a great experience for the diversity of ideas and new recipes. Meal plans can be accessed from any computer or mobile device using the free mobile app. More than 50 different mean plans, including kid-friendly, low-carb and gluten free and a lot more. Grocery lists are included. Prices vary.

16 Aromatherapy workshop and full kit

aromatherapy perfume classes

If your friend`s hobby is aromatherapy, gift her with a perfume making class. She can create her own signature fragrance, making it a 2 in 1 gift. This class is not exclusively for women. Prices are below $60. For this price, an expert perfumer guides men and women through blending essential oils into a custom fragrance to express the olfactory essence of each person. Once the final fragrance has taken shape, the perfumer will create a full batch for each person in a 2.2-ounce atomizer.  Discover how doing something yourself may be more rewarding than buying it.

17 Cloud 9 Living Date Night

Lamborghini races

If you want to impress your loved one, just pick your city. Cloud 9 Living will offer up great opportunities for experiences that are also perfect for your next gift giving occasion, like food tours, flight lessons and more others. From Scenic glider rides to Ferrari or Lamborghini races, from cocktail tours to an overnight rafting adventure, the company offers a large variety of beautiful experiences to be offered as gifts.

18 Flower Arranging / Garden Design classes

flower arranging classes

An Alice`s Table event is the perfect gift experience for the flower lover in your life. She hosts events across the country, teaching the art of flower arranging. Your friend can sip a cocktail while playing with the beautiful fresh-cut flowers.

19 Espresso Lesson

espresso lessons

For the Espresso lovers, you can have an exclusive training session with famous Jane`s coffee director on Larkin Street in San Francisco. During the two and a half hours lesson, you taste and analyze the qualities of a truly remarkable espresso in one of San Francisco`s most elegant cafes. For students who take their foam seriously, Evan will provide an in-depth look into milk science, and as a master of latte art, he will also show you how to delight your loved ones with hearts and leaves in their drinks.

20 Helicopter Flight Lesson

helicopter flight lessons

Book for a truly unforgettable trip to New York City and make it glamorous by throwing in a helicopter flight lesson around the city. Did you ever dream of piloting your own helicopter? You and your loved one will have the opportunity to control the plane through out the flight for less than $450. Helicopters are equipped with HD video cameras, allowing you to become your own film pilot so you can relive every moment of your flight.

What would you add to this list? I am sure there are a lot of more other great gift experiences.

Gift-giving season is pretty much all year long, so you need to make smart choices to surprise people. Material gifts are always fun to unwrap, but there are a lot of studies that show how efficient is living a joyful experience. If you can`t renounce on the famous Christmas gift wrapping tradition, pack a note or the tickets in boxes. Just saying  😊

The variety of services are infinite, so it is impossible not to pick the right experience gift for the loved ones. Seasonal activities or not, indoor or outdoor, single experiences or the ones that involve all the family, you will definitely find something to please you. 

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