Shichida Flashcards

Shichida Flashcards Benefits on your Gifted Child

 Shichida Flashcards Benefits on your Gifted Child

What is the Shichida Method?

Shichida Method is a complex activity system, using different educational instruments: Flashcards,  memory games, speed reading, games for sharping their intuition, musical and sensorial games.

What are Shichida Flashcards?

Shichida Flashcards are an educational instrument, containing topic related A5 format size Cardboard  Flashcards, used by Shichida teachers, along other educational instruments.

Shichida Method educational instruments

In his book, “Children Can Change through Right Brain Education”, professor Shichida names the right brain “the image brain” responsible of our ability to visualize, to dream or to imagine. Photographic memory permits the immediate access to any information stored in the past.

People with a well-trained photographic memory are able to remember any information of the books and articles they read.

Our children need both a Right Brain and a Left Brain stimulation. Find out more about Shichida Method,  Shichida Flashcards and the Right Brain training system for your Gifted Child, reading our articles on the topic.

Makoto Shichida
Makoto Shichida

Shichida Method considers that all the babies between 0 and 3 years old, have the mental abilities of a gifted child. The most important aspect in their education is learning of the language, especially the vocabulary elements. So that, presenting information in image format, called Flashcards is known to be a powerful instrument that helps the baby to learn very fast.

Presenting the information in a slowly and repetitive rhythm, stimulates the left brain hemisphere.

An alert and intermittent rhythm based on images, trains the right brain hemisphere.

The most important aspects in reaching success with Shichida Method are:

  • short learning sessions,
  • relaxed atmosphere,
  • sharing positive emotions and
  • a high speed presentation of the flashcards.

What is the right moment for starting Shichida Method training?

Between ages 0 to 3, the right brain is in maximum usage. Starting with the age of 4 to 6, the child starts to use his left brain hemisphere. If we feed the baby`s brain with the proper information, he will develop a wide vision about learning and will be able to solve any complex situation later in life. This ability will be hard to be altered.

In conclusion, the Shichida right brain training system should start as soon as possible, when the child is only a few months old.

In Japan, the Shichida classes start when the children are only 6 months old. Their training has it`s focus on developing the following abilities:

  • Long Attention Span Concentration
  • Photographic Memory
  • Creative and vivid Imagination
  • Multi-language learning
  • Musical Talents
  • Communication using Images

How can you create your own Flashcards?

  1. First of all, think about a topic of interest to your child.
  2. Then, search as much information as you can on that topic and make a list of representative words.
  3. For example, if your topic is Water, the proper words to learn in this lesson might be: water, ocean, cascade, lake, water spring, river, ice, rain, cloud, storm, flood, fog.
  4. Each word should have an associated image.
  5. Print, cut, stick or plasticize the flashcards.
Shichida Flashcard water animals
Shichida Flashcard water animals

What is the proper size of a Flashcard?

  • Most of the flashcards have an A5 format size (half of an A4 file).
  • Ordered points for lerning mathematics, poetry, songs and multi-detailed images (like famous paintings) need an A4 size format.

What kind of paper should we use for printing?

  • We can use Cardboard paper for Flashcards, and if possible, it should be glossy on the image part.
  • Another solution is to print the flashcards on writing paper and to plasticize them.

How do we use flashcards?

  • How many? The average number is between 100 and 200 flashcards a day.  Divide them in more sessions.
  • Speed? We need to show the child 1-3 flashcards per second. We can only show the image to them or we can also say the word loud.
  • Frequency? The recommended frequency is about 5 learning sessions per day, each of them lasting 4-5 minutes. The stimulation method should be perceived as a game and it is not necessary to let the boredom or the fatigue to interfere along this activity. It is very important to observe and get in sync with the children level of interest and the kid`s long attention concentration level. No matter how busy you are as a parent, you should know that it is essential for a harmonious development of your child, to stimulate the right brain with various exercises, for 15-30 minutes a day. However, Shichida is not a flashcard only training method.  The use of flashcards is for stimulation together with other tools. Less than 5 minutes out of 1 hour lesson is about flashing cards.
  • Spinning the flashcards. Shichida experts recommend changing the cards (topics) once a week or two and renewing the flashcards with 100 up to 200 a week. Another approach of this right brain training system consists on keeping the same flashcard set for multiple weeks, but each time the topic is presented, we should have a different presentation or story for it, or different games to make it still interesting.
shichida records
shichida records

Where can we download Shichida material from?

There are some web pages with high quality Shichida exercises and information, but I will list here only 3 of them:



Our Pinterest account FREE PRINTABLE Flashcards ~ English Spanish ~ With AUDIO SUPPORT


Shichida Method is not only based on the usage of Flashcards, as I mentioned before. It is a complex activity system, using different educational instruments.

What are the Shichida Method educational instruments?

Early Childhood Learning for Children, using this method, implies memory games, speed reading, games for sharping their intuition, musical and sensorial games.

No matter if you are a parent or a teacher, you should know that the daily basic activity list for a child should also contain activities like:

  • The morning song
  • Checking of the current day in calendar
  • Body and mind relaxation exercises/ breathing exercises
  • Senzorial games
  • Eye training
  • Memory games
  • Speed reading
  • Flashcards + songs or stories related to the Flashcard`s theme
  • Shichida and Montessori exercises
  • Artistic activities

One of the Education`s system purpose is to develop innate abilities, and this goal won`t be reached by sending your child to diverse extracurricular activities and hoping he or she will eventually discover talents.

Our focus regarding education should be developing the mental abilities by training the left brain to improve it`s skills. Early childhood Learning has a lot of benefits and I am sure that once informed about the importance of the Left Brain Training, parents and teachers will be more than glad to apply it.


Based on the SHICHIDA METHOD, we created FREE PRINTABLE Flashcards:

  • structured in Lessons,
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  • translation in Spanish included

Because our future Earth depends on our gifted children!

gifted child training
gifted child training

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Guided Heart Meditation

Early Childhood Learning Benefits for Children or Improving the Right Brain Skills

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