Decalcify your pineal gland in 7 steps. Pineal Gland Activation


Decalcify your pineal gland in 7 steps

The Pineal gland, or the Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra, is located between the two hemispheres and  is responsible with producing some chemical substances and hormones. These substances and hormones are responsible of our happiness, euphoria, sleep, civilized behavior and emotional balance.

A big number of studies confirm and demonstrate us, that this gland is very important and has a multiple role in our everyday life. This gland produces and secretes melatonin, a serotonin hormone responsible for regulating the body`s bio-rhythms including our sleep-wake cycle for example.

It also works closely with the hypothalamus gland, which takes care of the body hunger and thirst, aging process and sexual desire. Once you start working your Third Eye chakra, you`ll start to see the reality of what it is rather than the reality you were programmed to believe in.

The mind`s eye, or the gateway to the soul, is a “stargate” or pathway between the physical and the metaphysical dimensions.

There are a lot of methods that help you in Pineal Gland Activation. Practicing the more, will return better results, for sure. We selected 7 methods to  help you decalcify your Pineal gland.

You don`t have to practice them in a specific order. Do not forget that practice and patience are elemental keys in this spiritual awakening process.

7 STEPS to PINEAL GLAND Activation:

  1. Adopt a raw vegan diet

The perfect diet for decalcify Pineal gland is one that contains a lot of green juice and raw plants. Pesticides, additives, artificial sweeteners strongly contribute to pineal toxicity. Chlorophyll cleanses blood, pushing the toxins out of cells.

Eating meat and diary foods, containing bovine and porcine antibiotics, medication, growth hormones that are incompatible with our spiritual and physical health, is an obstacle in opening the Third Eye

  1. Fluoride and mercury free

Excess consumption of synthetic fluoride has as result the calcification of the pineal gland. It also disturbs the production of melatonin.  A water filtration system that takes the fluoride out of tap water, toothpaste with natural fluoride are solution to reduce the fluoride absorption through the pores.

Also, the mercury from dental amalgam filling is highly toxic and is poisoning our Pineal gland whenever we drink hot tea, coffe, or a soup. We can go to a mercury free dentist to get rid of the amalgam fillings.  Mercury is also found in a lot of vaccines in the form of methyl-mercury (Thimersal) which binds to the brain and is very difficult to detox. A fresh juice made of cilantro will help you get rid of the mercury in your body.


Placing a crystal over the Third Eye while lying down, works wonders on activating the third eye. You can use Blue Jasper, Celestite, Blue Obsidian, Purple Fruorite, Sapphire, Moon Stone. Leave crystals with violet or indigo hues between the eyebrows, during the meditation. Clear crystal will amplify the crystals properties.

  1. Darkness

Both the light and the darkness help for Pineal gland activation.

Make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible during the dreamtime. Even  the small light of a DVD player affects the production of melatonin.

We found useful information about Using Melatonin Suppliments to Aid in Sleep, on

Pineal Gland Awakening
Pineal Gland Awakening
  1. See the shades

In order to function properly, we need to expose our physical eyes to indirect sunlight . On dissection, the pineal gland reveals the presence of a photoreceptor, similar to the ones our physical eyes have.

Light reflected by the retina actually  activates the pineal gland`s photoreceptor.   So, don`t be a fanatic about sunglasses if you want to detox your pineal gland.

  1. Kundalini Yoga for Pineal Gland Activation

Practicing this type of Yoga will help you raise the Kundalini energy, due to a specific set of movements. Activating Kundalini will help us connect to the cosmic energy with the physical body and root it to earth. This energy flows upward like a serpent, activating the 33 spinal points until it reaches the Third eye and the Crown chakra.

  1. Essential oils and natural remedies that stimulate the Pineal gland activation

Taking into consideration the fact that the nose is a direct gateway to the brain and Pineal gland, aromatherapy will be a good practice for those who want to rebirth their pineal gland.

Different essential oils will help you stimulate the Pineal gland : sandalwood, myrrh, pine, pink lotus, clary sage.

There are also other natural remedies that have the same effect on the pineal gland. The essential oils: coconut oil, turmeric, spirulina, neem oil, walnuts, blue-green algae, lemon water, ginseng, sea moss, oregano oil.

  1. Sungazing for Pineal Gland Activation

Light is a basic nutrient of all life and the way we metabolize and understand this light can help us in our evolution process.

Pure motivation combined with relaxation, focus and awareness can enable us to access every level of our energy. Sungazing is an ancient light therapy consisting in the act of looking directly to the Sun. Feeding your body with the solar light, at sunrise or sunset can be a very good practice for those who want to decalcify their Pineal gland.

Therefore, this gland is a Chrystal, reacting remarkably to the solar light. You can practice sungazing for several seconds each day.  Our ancestors believed that sungazing improve health and induce states as heightened clairvoyance and the ability to subsist without water or food for several days.

It is very important to practice sungazing just on sunrise and sunset time. Because human eyes are very sensitive and an exposure during the day can  harm our eyes health.

As many wisdom tradition believe, when performing at it`s ultimate capacity, the Pineal gland produces important biochemical, such as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) or the “spirit molecule” which is a prime catalyst for higher states of universal consciousness, intuition  and enlightenment.

Also, esoteric schools believe that having a blocked pineal gland (Ajna chakra) has as result confusion and delusion, a tendency to over-analyze, depression and anxiety, paranoia, pessimism and all other kind of low vibrational emotions and feelings.

To conclude, the discovery and activation of latent DNA, spells the end of all human disease. Because the inactive DNA is programmed to heal everything.

“Close BOTH eyes to see with

The Other Eye”


~Rumi ~

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