Christmas 2019 Decoration Trends

Christmas Rainbow trend by John Lewis – CHRISTMAS TREE Decorating Ideas

Christmas 2019  Party John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 Party John Lewis Decorations

Christmas Rainbow trend by John Lewis balances all the Chakras

 Update Christmas 2019: 7 Decoration Trends for 2019 from John Lewis

The biggest UK chain of high-end department stores has predicted the Christmas 2018 decorating trends. Christmas 2019 Decoration Trends are available! Read full article

If you love decorating your house and your Christmas tree, this year’s trends will bring you more joy, amusement and balance. Why? Because John Lewis released their Christmas 2018 collection along with the most amazing Christmas tree decorating trend of the year.

The new collection, “Decorations by Colour” contains seven themes, all in strong and recharging colors: Ruby, Emerald, Amber, Gold, Jet, Saphire and Moonstone.

“These striking themes were put together by our in-house design team partners, many of whom live and breathe Christmas every single day of the year.” Says Dan Cooper, Partner and Head of Christmas Buying.

What is indeed charming, is that combined, the 7 themes create the biggest trend of 2018. The Rainbow Christmas tree – predicted to be a hit on social media.

You can shop John Lewis Christmas decorations on their website

Christmas 2018 Rainbow Decorating Trend John Lewis
Christmas 2018 Rainbow Decorating Trend John Lewis

From Christmas Trees to Baubles, you will find everything you need to create the perfect Rainbow in your house this Christmas. The secret is to graduate a spectrum of different colored baubles, from the top to the bottom of the tree.

It seems that the Rainbow trend continues this summer’s trend, originated on social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram .

The original John Lewis Rainbow kit contains 60 different colors and finishes of glass baubles, both shiny and matte.

John Lewis Rainbow kit 2018
John Lewis Rainbow kit 2018

If you can’t shop from the online store, for different reasons(eg. Out of stock), I am sure that Amazon has similar products, to obtain the same Rainbow effect.


Also, if you would like to have the Rainbow in your home without too much effort, we recommend you this Rainbow Christmas Tree, decorated only with some white lights.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You can also make combinations of two colors from the 7 themes of “Decorating by Colours” collection. The most important aspect is that you feel proud of your work when you are done. Be creative and play with colors!

Update 2019:

Find out what are the Christmas 2019 Decoration Trends by John Lewis

If last year we had a multicolored rainbow Christmas tree, John Lewis & Partners presented the top 7 Christmas decorating themes for 2019. From Snowscape to ABC Theme, from Traditions to the glamorous and electric Party theme, everyone should find a theme to inspire Christmas decorations this year.

The 7 key themes for this year are: Snowscape, Campfire, Traditions, Garden Retreat, Sanctuary, ABC and Party Theme, each of them being so beautiful that you might want to decorate 2 or 3 Christmas trees. According to Dan Cooper, or Mr. Christmas, the reason they created so many themes this year is to stimulate seasonal ideas and to fuel Christmas creativity.

After talking with their customers about how they celebrate Christmas, they jumped to the conclusion that a single trend is not enough for a year. Being interested in the details of their traditions and interests, they discovered the necessity of the beautiful 7 distinct Themes.

Let`s take a look at their key Christmas themes for this year.


Christmas 2019  Snowscape John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 Snowscape John Lewis Decorations

White and clear, silver and light green, all Christmas decoration for this theme are variations of white and green. The theme gets you deep into your childhood`s memories creating that icy look of a snowy landscape.  A subtle palette of soft creams, light green and powder pink make this collection stunning.

You can view the entire collection in this link

From adorable Ice Skate baubles to marvelous Encrusted Baubles or unique Swirl icicles tree decoration, your creativity can play for creating the white Christmas you were always dreaming about.


Christmas 2019  Campfire John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 Campfire John Lewis Decorations

This is a richer chromatic theme, with lots or orange, brown and gold, remembering us about the Amber Theme from John Lewis 2018 key trends. The theme reflects our nature related hobbies, like camping, fishing and birds watching, all into the red-goldish light of the campfire.

The predominant materials for this theme are wood and leather, two warm elements that create a more natural look. These beautiful decorations will make you feel cozy and festive at the same time. You can bring the spirit of the forest closer to your family with the large variety of animal baubles, like squirrels and foxes, owls and woodpeckers.  Celebrate nature and plan your next night camping under the stars.

You can browse the full collection here


Christmas 2019  The Traditions John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 The Traditions John Lewis Decorations

This theme celebrates the past and the present, combining elements from traditions and rituals both old and new. The queen color for The Traditions is intense ruby red that gives a traditional look and probably the most popular decorating style that we see year after year.

The subtle palette of lush green with layered gold and copper creates completes the picture of the traditional Christmas tree. Natural materials and homemade decorations will do the trick for this theme. Designers at John Lewis describe The Tradition as being “the sights, sounds, colors and textures of Christmas come to life but with a contemporary twist”

Check out the full collection here:


Christmas 2019  Sanctuary John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 Sanctuary John Lewis Decorations

“Recharge and enjoy the wonder of Christmas with opulent décor and pastel colors.”

According to John Lewis designers, this theme was created to “Step away from  the hustle and bustle of the festive season and into a magical winter wonderland”. The scope of this collection is to empty your mind and let the natural trend of this theme to focus all the attention on the new priorities of rejuvenation and well-being. Create your own sanctuary and step back from the routine this year.

Powder pink is the princess color for this collection, mirrored with elegant rose gold, bronze, and crystals. This softening palette of colors is meant to create a luxurious joyful picture of the Christmas. From Ballerina stylish baubles to Pink Buddha Head Baubles, the collection will bring you in a renewing meditation state that will clear your mind and thoughts to allow your annually Christmas rebirth.

Browse for complete collection here:

5 ABC Theme

Christmas 2019 ABC John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 ABC John Lewis Decorations

ABC is about rainbow stars decoration, unicorns and ice cream. “This is Christmas through the eye of a child.”, a perfect suitable theme for families with young children. This theme walks you through different shapes and textured, enriched by a multicolored layer of decoration. Your children will be thrilled to pick their favorite letter baubles.

The color palette is rich, from multicolored to red, green and blue decorations, to create a unique and strong personalized Christmas tree. Children will love to help you with decorating the tree, while learning and playing with the educational, funny decoration from this collection.

Shop your favorite items from ABC theme here:


Christmas 2019 Garden Retreat John Lewis Decorations
Christmas 2019 Garden Retreat John Lewis Decorations

The great outdoors and nature are the predominant elements of this theme. According to John Lewis designers, “The playful decorative touches inspired by flora and fauna bring feeling of joy and relaxation, reminiscent of days in the garden.” Nature`s green, representing life, is the king of this collection, along with an abundance of natural materials that all create a peaceful feeling.

This Christmas decorating style reunites beautiful representative elements like garden animals, fruits and vegetable baubles creating a relaxing feeling. Ladybirds Christmas decorations along with Hummingbird Baubles are our favorite items for the Garden Retreat.

You can shop the most extravagant Garden Retreat decorative items here:


 2019  Party  Decorations
Christmas 2019 Party John Lewis Decorations

Electric and neon colors will make you see Christmas like you never seen it before. “Welcome to the disco! It`s loud, it`s bright and it`s fun.” Multicolored baubles take various shapes, from a Party Glitter Rainbow Heart to a “Flashing Star” Tree Decoration. Other elements, like the Champagne Bottle bauble, the Glitter Eye Bauble or the neon Star Light will make you think to the New Year`s Eve celebration.

The Party Christmas Theme makes us remember about the 80s and 90s disco scenes, with it`s bright, colorful and very noticeable decoration elements. This collection is very self-expressive, you can work your creativity to combine different textures with bright and strong colors, to create an electric neon look.

Despite the fact that this theme might be considered shocking for some, John Lewis & Partners presented it to be the top Christmas tree decorating trend for 2019.

Holographic textures, bright lights, royal blue and hot pink all matched together into an exuberant environment to celebrate this Christmas. That`s what the Party theme is all about.

In terms of decorating the rest of the house using the same theme, the decoration elements become metallic and iridescent, with reflective mirrored surfaces, all creating an adorable stylish look.

If you consider Party collection to extravagant, you can always chose one of the calming, soothing theme, as the Sanctuary or Garden Retreat decorating trends.


What is your favorite Christmas Theme for 2019?

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