essential oils diffuser


essential oils diffuser
essential oils diffuser


Personally, I use doTERRA oils for me, my family and I also recommend them to my friends and to my Awaken Community blog readers.

I love the fact that doTERRA keeps their clients and product users up to date, by publishing all of their third-party purity testing results. They also have an important impact on the community through their sourcing projects. You won`t find doTERRA essential oils in stores, because this is not a part of their marketing strategy. Instead of offering discounts to stores, doTERRA gives you a great opportunity, as a user, to be rewarded with a 25% discount. You can also obtain cost-free oils and products by creating an LRP program, but this is a topic we will debate in another article. There are two ways you can buy doTERRA products online: via retail or wholesale.

The retail price is the full price of the product while buying at a wholesale price will give you a 25% discount.

Below is a list of some of my favorite essential oils diffuser and other accessories.

Aromatherapy All-Day Diffuser       10 ml Glass Roll-on Bottles + Droppers

 Aromatherapy Travel Car Diffuser- safe travel doTERRA Petal Diffuser

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Whenever we think about putting something new, on or in our bodies, consider being skeptical.  Check out all the ingredients and available facts.

Ancient people from all around the world were using essences. They were directly extracted from plants and other natural resources to promote better health. Then the big pharmaceutical companies appeared. Having a large variety of medicines (chemicals that try to reproduce the benefits of natural compounds) to manage. Then we had FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

I don`t consider that essential oils should ever replace a nutritive diet. But I think pure essential oils from a reputable source can be a fabulous tool to complete various processes like diet, detox, lifestyle and to promote a better health.

Experiencing the wonderful benefits of oils in different health conditions, really encouraged me to create my own natural first aid kit for the family using single oils, oil blends and Carrier Oils.

essential oils usage
essential oils usage

How did I start with doTERRA?

First of all, I experienced diffusing essential oils with an essential oils diffuser. Being amazed by its beneficial effects on us, I started the topical use of different essential oils and mixes. Finally, I expanded my knowledge by trying other day-to-day products, like toothpaste, Body SPA Cream, etc, and I don`t regret at all. On the top of being pleased by the results, stands the happiness of receiving the monthly bonus product for my Loyalty Program with them. I see this as receiving a reward for trusting their product quality.

There are tens of thousands of research articles explaining the benefits of pure oils. Inform yourself and expand your knowledge about the subject.

I recommend a few resources that help me understand how to use oils. The book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart is a fabulous resource. This book helped me understand the chemical properties of essential oils and the way they interact with our body.

DIY  Essential Oils Mixes For The Most Common Health Conditions:

  • Immune system support: mix 2 drops of Melaleuca, Frankincense and Lemon essential oils with 10 drops of carrier oil and massage on your feet.  For those who use doTERRA products, use OnGuard blend.
  • Headaches: mic 2 drops of Basil, Frankincense and Lavender and apply to sinuses, temples, and back of your neck.
  • For an upset stomach: rub 2 drops of ZenGest on your stomach. Repeat after 1 hour.
  • Increase your Focus: diffuse Wild Orange blend or Citrus Bliss in a diffuser (link to amazon diffuser)
  • First Aid: mix a drop of Lavender with a drop of Clove essential oil and apply directly on the cut or scrape.
  • Resting Night Sleep: rub a few drops of Lavender on your feet before going to bed. For a better result, diffuse 2 drops of Serenity + 2 drops of Balance essential oil blends in a diffuser.

Where can you buy doTERRA essential oils?

You can purchase on the doTERRA site and they will ship the products directly to your home. I decided to become a wholesale member and then a Wellness Advocate because I wanted to save money while I build my natural medicine corner for me and my family. If you are interested in learning more about this process, click here for more information.



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