Life Path Number 6

Life Path Number 6

Life Path Number 6 General Characteristics


General Characteristics – Born with a deep sense of Compassion

You always search to be of service to others. Your deep compassion makes you involved for the weak and the downtrodden. Compassion means that you try to understand other`s suffering causes. That makes you qualified to give comfort to those in need and for the suffering people around you. These qualities make you a healer and a true help for others. Your deep lesson in life is to be able to develop indeed useful tools to serve for helping others, rather than being only a sympathetic ear for their problems.

Life Path Number 6, You are a Harmonizer by nature

You look for ways to make harmony with everything you encounter. Whether it is art, music, or relationships, no other Life Path can make things coalesce as naturally as you can. Your magnetic personality draws people in and can lead to you being the center of attention.

You must find the balance between helping others and letting them to interfere with your life. You also need to learn the delicate art of the counselor, who knows when to leave a battle to others. In time of hard trials, your balanced nature make you well equipped to support and ground others, too.

Learn to save some energy for you

To be a strong support for others, you must be grounded and balanced. You were born to take on responsibility and do not turn away from personal sacrifice. Sometimes you might feel a need to escape or to pause other`s sufferings. Your best reward is the love of others. Life Path 6 are peace and harmony makers in their families and groups, balancing and fusing divergent opinions.

Most of the time you are a wonderful parent and life partner, offering warmth, protection and understanding to children. You are kind, generous, and attractive. Adored and admired, that is how you are, and you deserve this spoiling, because you offer a lot in exchange.

Life Path Number 6, Meditation is crucial for you. Learn to recharge your battery.