Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1 Characteristics

Life Path Number 1
Life Path Number 1


Life Path Number 1 General Characteristics

General Characteristics – Born to be a leader

Your main life characteristics are individualism, freedom and a strong will of personal fulfillment.

Your life purpose is to manifest freedom of thought and action.

You have determination to experience both phases necessary for that. First, you need to learn how to stand on your own feet, without depending on others.

After you achieve your stability, you will learn how to be a true lieder.

Most of the cases, 1 Life Path number people fight to get rid of being dependent on others, and they miss the happiness of being free and uncensored.

life path 1
1 life path number

Life Path Number 1, You are a Protector by nature

You assume the responsibility to be the protector for those you love.

You demand respect and attention and become irritated when important things do not go the way you want.

Born to be a leader, you need to feel in command of important tasks, and resist supportive roles. You like the forefront and you are also very creative and original, that can make you a great inventor. You have the courage to be a loner and to wander from the beaten path, when necessary.

1 Life path number in Numerology, are concerned with their status and foster the appearance of success and self-satisfaction. The need to appear well motivates you for growth, success and the finer things in life.


Learn to keep your calm

You must learn to balance your overzealous behavior, aggressiveness and anger. Therefore, if you tend not to live in balance with these negative characteristics of 1 Life path number, you will become superficial and excessively domineering. There are a lot of meditation types to help you gain your balance.

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