Path Life Number 2

Path Life Number 2

Life Path Number 2 General Characteristics


General Characteristics – Born to be a peacemaker

Life path 2 are usually the artist souls. You are extremely perceptive, sensitive and a bit shy.  Your sensitivity is your angel and your demon, too. While you can be very sensitive to your feelings and to those of others, you can also be too sensible to express your talents.

Your perceptiveness and sensitivity make you possess a strong intuition in terms of knowing what people want and feel, giving you the opportunity to be diplomatic and tactful.

Patient and cooperative, Life path 2 tend to work well in organized groups, being able to create harmony among different point of views

You like to walk safe on the beaten path, and you also like the routine. You feel the need to accumulate, and you find it difficult to get rid of unused objects, especially if there is a small possibility to be useful again in the future.

Life Path Number 2, You are an Artist by nature

You love poetry and music, and certainly need a harmonious environment to grow in. You have an eye for beauty, you can tune in the rhythm. In addition, you have natural healing capabilities in the fields of acupuncture, massage or physical therapy.

Learn to control your sensitivity

Numerology Number 2, this quality that makes you so special and intuitive, might be your downfall. Your delicate ego can be more than sensitive to other`s criticism and remarks. Because you get hurt so easy, you tend to withhold your own thoughts and contributions.  It is very important for you to find your personal balance. Do not let your motivation level decrease under the influence of others. Learn to control your sensitivity with chakra balancing through meditation and other techniques. Tempering your sensitivity to other`s opinions will make you stronger and more determined in your actions.