Christmas Holiday

22 Reasons Why Christmas Holiday is the Best

 Why Christmas Holiday is the Best: 22 Reasons

Christmas Holiday
Christmas Holiday

There is no denying- it`s Christmas Holiday! Houses are delicately covered in twinkling lights, the scent of Christmas tree fills the air, and your daily routine is interrupted by a sense of irrevocable festivity. 

Christmas Holiday 2022

It`s officially the most wonderful time of the year! And this is not just a song line. Summer may be my favorite season, but Christmas Holiday is Definitely my favorite holiday.

Here are 22 reason why Christmas is the greatest holiday ever:


1 You get to spend time with your family and friends, on Christmas holiday.

It`s one of the oldest holidays, most meaningful, and it is celebrated around the world. It`s so great to be able to gather around and celebrate an amazing time of the year, together with the ones you love.

        Christmas is not only a religious and cultural celebration, but also a gift giving holiday. People complete the Advent Calendar, others light the candles on the Christmas wreath.

Various Christmas Decorations surround us almost everywhere, accompanied by Christmas music and people singing traditional carols.

Garlands, mistletoe, Christmas trees with their beautiful Christmas lights. An abundance of light, colors and beautiful sounds! 


2 You get to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Ideas on our Pinterest account

Fresh winter Christmas tree scent fills the air.

You can be environment friendly and chose a padded Christmas tree. After the holiday season is over, you can plant the tree into a forest, in sign of appreciation for nature.

Tips to make your tree look its best this holiday season:

Choose a color theme:

  1. traditional Christmas tree decorations, with green and red

2. modern Christmas tree decorations, with complementary colors

Add string lights:

Christmas décor lights are essential because they make the tree sparkle and shine, especially at night. Choose LED lights to save on energy. Read more: Christmas Decoration Trends

        Everyone knows about the famous Balsam Hill brand, selling the most realistic artificial Christmas trees. Finding your perfect Christmas Tree will be easy, just check their Amazon shop:

You can shop by height or by light type, a traditional tree with incandescent lights or one with Clear LED Lights. 

Get inspired to discover the most wanted holiday products and decorating styles!

if you want to complete your set of decorations for Christmas, check their Holiday Décor section, to pick your wreaths and swags, garlands and ornaments, the Tree Topper and of course the Tree Skirt.

You can also chose from the large variety of artificial Christmas trees, designed to look and feel lifelike. Save the forest!

This Christmas and Holiday season,  transform your home with the Christmas decorations, while you focus on creating more of those magical moments.


3 Baking countless amounts of Christmas cookies. 

Or you just order the right ones!


4 Jesus was born.

Christmas is more than a guy dressed in Santa Clause or a Rudolf with a big red nose.  Celebrating Jesus`s birth also means encouraging for re-birthing ourselves each year to evolve into better humans.

Meditate, sing and listen to good music, charge and balance your energies.


5 It`s the perfect time to help those in need.

I dare you to be more human this Christmas. Do some good deeds this Christmas.

Focus your attention on those who were not as lucky as you. You will start to feel gratitude for everything you have. Offer them presents with compassion. Ask them how can you help and what do they need, before assuming what the right present should be.

Help someone who is not as lucky as you are. Fore more information, visit this link.


6 Christmas lights.

Their effect is to relax our mind and also to charge and balance our energetic chakras. Be creative when you decorate for Christmas, this year. Create MAGIC!

If You’re Searching for Laser Lights For Your House Or Event Then, This Remote Controllable RGB Christmas Light Is Very Bright And Has Huge coverage!!!

Check out this gorgeous Christmas Lights Outdoor Projector. There are hundreds of similar Holidays Projectors, and now it`s the time to buy them for a reasonable price. Most of these devices are already unavailable near Christmas time.

For Decoration and Garden Lighting, we recommend LEDMALL! They will meet your expectations with a large variety of 2022 High level Christmas Decorations:

Shipping by 2-3 days priority shipping within Domestic USA

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Christmas Snow Globe – Santa & Christmas Tree & Moving Train, Snow Globe with Music Box Color Changing Led Lights for Home Decor & Christmas Decorations

7 Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Candy canes are always available this time of the year.

Sweeten up your holiday season with peppermint candy canes. These are the traditional Christmas candies that bring the fresh taste of joy and happiness.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas, as these candies are the perfect addition to Christmas gift bags or other gift giving treats for family and friends.

 8 Love, Romance! Getting kissed under the mistletoe.


Add some fun and flair to your festive holiday home decorations.

The rustic mistletoe should be the star attraction of the Christmas tree ornaments, as a smile generator. 


   9 More love and Gratitude!

Seeing the smile on your loved ones faces when they open your gift.

Gift giving is one of the core aspects of modern Christmas celebration around the world. 

Christmas Presents
Christmas Presents

10 Receiving gifts make you feel awesome.

This fulfills the need to be loved and appreciated. Seriously, who doesn`t love gifts?

Don`t forget about the holiday christmas cards! Save time this Christmas and search or prepare your Season`s greetings in time.

11 Santa Clause comes to town.

Christmas Gnome, Christmas Figurines, Resin Lighted Gnome Christmas Decorations with LED

And this reminds us all about our childhood. Let`s preserve the magic of Christmas!

Bring Christmas JOY and customize your video from Santa Claus. The personalization takes 5 minutes and you can receive the video even in 2 hours. Your kid will see his picture in the video from Santa, making this to be the best Christmas surprise for your child!

If you prefer to receive a Letter from Santa, in 2022 it is possible, as well.  Your child will be delighted and you will create real MAGIC in your home!

With ElfiSanta, you can receive the Christmas bliss in an exceptional envelope. The personalization takes up to 5 minute, and the delivery time is about 20 days. The Letter from Santa will be delivered to your home via traditional mail.

Letter from Santa

Create Letter from Santa with Elfi Santa!!! or download your free personalized Advent Calendar!

12 Time off of: work, school and other turbulence creator factors.

It`s time to hear your needs and thoughts. No more assignments, no more deadlines, just a nice and enjoyable break from all those responsibilities.

13 Snow and winter sports!

A real joy! Make sure you are prepared for ice skating, skiing or snowboarding, because now is the perfect time. The snow is making her way already… I`m not talking about the freezing cold weather, but about the nice snowfall. If you are romantic enough, you can take your twin flame on a Christmas sleigh ride.

14 Snowmen?

How long is it since you made a snowman last time? Be a child again! You are allowed to remember your childhood. You are allowed to be a child and to feel the beauty of the small things. Believe in magic!

15 Ripping off the wrapping paper is therapeutic. Try it with all your confidence.

16 You get to take awkward and funny Holiday Family photos!


Make sure you already have the photo frames for these wonderful memories.

Check out this list of new Digital Picture Frames. Buy one today, while they still have promotional prices.

Christmas Family Photo
Christmas Family Photo

17 A new year is right about the corner!

Analyze your behavior for this year and make plans if you want to improve yourself for the next year.

18 Christmas Music is easy to find and it always charges you with positive vibration.

There is never a more perfect time to listen and sing some Christmas Carols. A lot of great artists are putting their Christmas music out.

Of course, you will find a large variety of Christmas Music Concerts with contemporary and modern Christmas songs being played.

19 Movie time on Christmas!

Now, you can surely watch classics such The Santa Clause, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

20 Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Christmas Decor Ideas
Christmas Decor Ideas

While some hate it, I love shopping for Christmas useful gifts. This is the season that gives me a strong reason to shop shamelessly for others and myself. Because presents are exciting, especially when they are useful. Check out our Christmas Gift Ideas list for your twin soul

21 Decorations: Land of Creativity!

Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations

Everything is so elegant and beautiful. From the Christmas trees to the stockings. It gets even better at night, when all the lights are turned on.

Driving around the city, at night, becomes a pleasure during Christmas because of the magical lights everywhere.

Classic Remote Controllable RGB Laser Christmas Lights with Red, Green, and Blue Lasers by LEDMall

22 The festivities: the caroling, church plays, daycare Christmas plays, town events and concerts.

All of these are so enjoyable and gets us so much more in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas and holiday season means :

No assignments, just joy.

Home accents holiday Christmas tree.

Lots of holiday christmas cards.

You don`t have to worry about anything.

You can relax, go make some extra spending money for presents, reunite with old friends.

The possibilities are endless, just flow with the Universe!


Wishing everyone a merry, merry Christmas! Hope you guys spend lots of time with your families and friends. Be blessed to celebrate this special holiday!

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