bike riding

Learn Bike Riding at 30+. You`re Never too Old!

bike riding
bike riding

Learn how to ride a “bike” at 30+. You`re never too old!

“And suddenly you know: It`s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”

Meister Eckhart

I love nature. I love all that is natural. Also, I trust nature and the Universe.  I`m not proud on myself when I drive the car. I know that the noxes produced by cars, contribute to the high pollution level on Earth.

I always wanted to ride a bike. Tried a few times. Never succeeded till now.

Back in my childhood there were some bicycle experiences that had the opposite effect of learning how to ride. The experiences I had, created a trauma in my heart and body. And as a result I was afraid to get on a bike.  The created blockages in my body made me feel afraid of the bicycles.

To empower my bike riding fear, every time I was speaking with adults about the subject, they said “Ow, learning to ride a bike is much more easier in childhood. It`s very hard when you are already an adult.” Physically speaking it`s normal to be like that. The weight center is closer to the ground in childhood, due to a smaller height.

Three or four years ago, I heard a 30 years old woman saying that  she learned how to ride the bike at 30, and it`s not impossible. She said that it`s not easy, but also not impossible.  If I haven`t learned it when I was a little girl, it`s not for me I thought.

A few weeks ago, I heard another 30+ woman saying she learned how to ride the bike this year. She made it because her two children like to spend time outside with the bikes. She felt a few times, but that was not enough to make her surrender. I guess this was the “lightning” my heart needed. I was thinking about how beautiful would be for me to be able to go out biking with my family. But again, my Ego was : “It`s not for you. You already tried to do it when you were little.”

During time I learned from my personal experiences that the voice you hear in your head, the Ego, wants nothing but it`s personal comfort.  And the Ego will “say” anything that needs to be said, to keep you in the victim state. Because the Ego is growing and is feeding from our suffering and from our energy.  So, again, Ego wanted to chill me stay in my comfort zone.

This weekend, we were out, searching to buy a bicycle for my husband.  I never planned to buy one for me.

But then I saw her. And I knew it!

It was one of the moments you feel the time stops.  It`s when your Intuition screams STOP! And I love to listen to my Intuition. Classic, simple, blue & brown.  Having that wonderful white basket. A flash came into my mind. I saw myself riding this bike on a sunny day, carrying a flowers bouquet.

It was designed for teaching me how to ride a bike! And I said it loud: “I will learn how to ride the bike using this one”.

When you have such a dream, it`s very important to have a supportive “someone” by your side. In my case, that person is my husband.  He told me he will teach me in the morning to ride it, while our son will be still sleeping.

The first experience

7 A.M next morning, we were out, trying. He told me that he is pretty sure I`ll make it, because my problem is not with the equilibrium.  Because I already know to snowboard and roller-skate.  And he was right. For a few minutes I imagined that the bicycle has no pedals, searching my equilibrium on it. And when I felt it`s time, I started pedaling.

I learned how to ride, in 15 minutes. Of course, until I learned how to use the break, when the first car came on the road, I stopped the bike in a bush. I felt like a child again. And it was great.

Feeling the wind blowing through my hair was like a blessing.  The sun was rising, creating a breath taking colorful sky.  Riding the bike for the first time was an experience full of joy, peace, love and happiness. I felt like connecting with the nature, with the singing birds in the trees. Riding the bike is a wonderful meditation experience.


When I returned home, I could see the pride in my parent`s eyes.  They saw an adult, experiencing the happiness of a child learning how to ride a bike. At 30+ . And Yes, it`s possible.

So what do you need to learn bike riding?

  • A bike you felt in love with
  • A husband that Loves and encourages you
  • A deep listening to your Intuition
  • Silence of the Nature
  • Deep motivation

What you gain learning bike riding?

  • Showing yourself and showing Nature that you really care.
  • Pride that you can learn things that you believed can be learned only in childhood
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Physical Health benefits
  • Energetic and Vibrational Balance

“Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or pain, every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to recognize what that purpose could be”

~ Steve Maraboli ~


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