Rainbow child

Rainbow child

Star Children. Find Out if You Are Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Child

In a previous article, Indigo children of the new Millennium, we spoke about the main characteristics and abilities of the Indigo children and adults. We presented this Star Children category, for a better understanding of their own behavior and their role in the human spiritual evolution.

We need to prepare our social, educational and mental structures to accept the special children and to help them fulfill their mission on Earth. Along with the Indigos, other two Star Child categories incarnated on Earth: Crystal and Rainbow Children.

All three types, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow have a specific task. The Indigos are to break down the paradigm of the traditional thinking. The Crystals will build their foundation on the broken paradigm. Finally, the Rainbow`s purpose is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and the Crystal children have made.

            Indigo Children and Indigo Adults

Indigo`s mission on this planet is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us and that restrict us to evolve to a higher vibrational level. With their warrior spirit, Indigo children incarnated to this planet to destroy legal and educational systems we were all learned to believe in. Their collective purpose here is to get rid of everything that affects our integrity.

Indigo children prepared the planet for Crystal and Rainbow children.  Being temperamental and having fiery determination, the Indigos are like a big “wave” that was sent to bring us to a higher consciousness level.

Their aura is mostly blue. This is the Ajna or The Third Eye color. Ajna regulates the ability to see energy and spirits, to have visions.

            Crystal Children

The Crystal Children share some characteristics with Indigos, being highly sensitive and psychic. They are blissful and tempered. Crystal children do not have the warrior spirit we find in Indigos. This is the reason Indigos had to come earlier, to “prepare” Earth for Crystal`s arrival, to cut down everything that lacks integrity. Crystal children, with their delicate nature, came on the  path created by Indigos,  a clear and safe environment.

The first thing to be noticed to a Crystal child are the large and penetrating eyes that hypnotize you. Also, they are happy and forgiving beings, the ideal lightworkers generation.  They are magnificent beings, members of the family of Light, and they came to Earth to create a shift, to make a change, to assist to a transition.

Crystal children have telepathic abilities that lead them to talk later in life (at the age of 3-4). Their spiritual gifts are misunderstood because most of us rely on a spoken, verbal communication. Their non verbal, mind-to-mind communication is faster and sharper, and hopefully will be the future communication style, because words were and will never be able to completely describe feelings.

Having a different verbal pattern, Crystal children are  judged by medical and educational fields as being “abnormal” or having autism. But again, what is considered to be abnormal to someone, can be normal to someone else. Taking into consideration that Crystal children don`t have difficulties to communicate with their parents, using a mind-to-mind and non verbal language, we should restrict the limits of what “abnormal” means.

Crystal children have strong connection with the nature. They love to stay outdoor and they develop strong connections with domestic and wild animals, as well. They are more sensitive to chemicals than the Indigos, and they require organic diet, special laundry soap to avoid allergic reactions.

Their auras are opalescent, with beautiful pastel multicolor hues. Rocks and crystals do fascinate them .

           Rainbow Child

Last but not least I want to speak about the newest “energy beings” incarnating on Earth, the Rainbow children. They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential. Rainbow children are little avatars who are all about service. They don`t have earthly karma, because they incarnate now for the first time. That`s why they pick to come in completely functional families, being surrounded by their parents with love, harmony, compassion and gratitude. Usually, they pick Crystal parents.

The Rainbow children radiate rainbow energy, which is the primordial energy, the energy we were all  made of. This type of energy contains a multiple vibration set, related to the colors of the rainbow and helps us to balance and heal our energy and vibration.

Different from the Indigos and the Crystals, Rainbow children have a few more interesting characteristics. They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness. Rainbows bring joy and happiness to their families, they always smile, having a huge heart full of forgiveness and compassion.

They are  able to shift quickly from a negative to a positive vibration level. Rainbow children also have the ability to read people`s feeling, being able to feel the vibrations around them.

They have strong will and personalities  and are known as natural born healers.  It seems that whatever they desire or need, they can instantly manifest. Being created from the primordial energy source, they trust their power of thoughts.

As the name implies, the Rainbow children come to Earth with a few more spectrum of  ray color. That is the reason they feel a strong connection to colors. They resonate with the colors around them, they like the colorful surroundings and brightly colored clothes.

Rainbow children are high-energy beings and their enthusiasm is demonstrated in their creativity. With this type of high and harmonic vibration, the Rainbow children are thought to be the builders of the New World, the world Eckhart Tolle was speaking about in his book A new Earth: Awakening to Your Life`s Purpose

Starting from a young age, Rainbow children are able to clearly express their  needs and wants.

We may misinterpret their behaviour as stubborn. Developing their knowledge on proper character integration depends on the Rainbow parents, because they have to recognize what positive traits the Rainbow child holds. Also, Rainbow parents need to avoid giving negative vibrational energy to their children.

Differently from the Indigos and Crystal children, who are sensitive to additives and processed food, the Rainbow children have an immunity to junk food. They can process it with no problem because of their blood, which has the ability to cleanse the toxins and unwanted bacteria in the food and air. So, the Rainbow child comes with a well-designed physical cleansing system. Having a high level energy, the Rainbow child is very hyperactive.

Rainbow Children are the power of HEART, with a fully balanced feminine and masculine energy system, blending into a prism of Rainbow light. Also, their success depends on us, because they came to show us how we have shifted out our balance and how do we need to return to balance, so that the planet can return to balance, too.

The Indigos showed us how inflexible, destructive and rigid we are. The Crystals showed us how closed and unfeeling we are, and the Rainbows are here to open our hearts. They came to help us translate the universal energy of Love we receive from the Universe. To feel the Great Heart that beats in the center of the Universe. To show us how to make a deep shift in the way of thinking, feeling and living.

One of the big secret we didn`t know about is the richness and wealth that accompanies emotions.

Trough emotions you can figure things out. Your emotions connect you to your spiritual body.  As members of the Family of Light, these three types of Star children came to be ambassadors that make the realities merge. To become more informed, so that  everyone involved can release fear and become uninhibited.  Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow children are able to receive the Cosmic rays of knowledge from the Universal source, because they have a high vibrational level and are able to synchronize to this vibration. They are the Light receptors sent from the Universe, and they radiate the received energy on us, just  like some little Suns.


In our country, today is the 1st of June,  the National Children`s Day.  This day is dedicated to honor Children`s life and rights. Even if you have a Star Child at home, even if not, my message for all the parents in the world is: LOVE your child! Love him unconditionally! Love him as if he is a special Star child, and he will be. Your attitude as a parent is very important for keeping alive the pureness of his soul. What you tell him, will become his adult inner voice. Connect every time with his true will, with his true needs. Listen to what your child is about to say ! Teach your child early what you learned late. Treat them with infinite kindness, compassion and love, as the child is his parent`s mirror.

And if you have a Star child at home, truly respect his natural balanced vibration and try to learn from him everything you can, because the Truth is a step away.


“The heart is the secret inside the secret”