Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

7 Signs You`re Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

Many things are changing in the world. More and more people feel the desire to change, nowadays. We often hear about Spiritual Awakening, the opening of the 3rd eye, enlightenment. A lot of people become aware of their feelings and of the signals they receive from their physical body. Many people realize that the lives we used to live until now are models imposed by society. We feel the desire to take back our life and to be free to choose, not to be influenced by media advertisings.

Happiness is all over this planet, all we need to do is to open our mind, and to understand our purpose on this planet.

I doubt we came here to hurt each other. I bet we are here to live in peace, unconditional love, compassion, gratitude. And these feelings are to be shared with people, animals, the soil and the water, the whole Universe.

Spiritual Awakening Practices

A lot of people are sick of presenting untruths about our daily nutrition. There are a lot of documentaries denouncing our food scandals. The awareness level grows up because there are many people who are ready to hear and to understand the lies we were served by governments. A consistent number of humans already started to change themselves in order to see the mass Universal change, practicing Meditation, Yoga, Healing Affirmations and Positive Thinking and Chakra Healing Therapies. They all have new aspirations, a strong desire to change themselves. If you are going through some unusual changes, please, don`t feel alone, don`t feel like you are going crazy. Because everyone has his own speed in the process of awakening. We are here to help each other raise the collective consciousness level, and to evolve into light and peaceful beings.

Today I want to present 7 of the most common sings experienced by waking-up human beings on Earth.

7 symptoms of spiritual awakening

1 Synchronicity



When you decided to open your mind and to begin the awakening process, you should first know that this is an irreversible process. The spiritual awakening also corresponds to the opening and balancing of the chakras, one by one.

So, awakening is responsible of the increasing of the energy that flows through our body. We will be able to better understand the beautiful way Universe orchestrates everything. You meet people “by chance”, you experience different sort of “coincidences”, at the right time and place. What does this mean? This means that your vibrational frequency increased and  that you attract more and more “matching experiences” in your life.

When you see repeating numbers frequently, such as 11:11, 22:22, 3:33, these are all responses from your guardian angels, confirming you are on the right path. When you think of  somebody, and the person calls you or you “accidentally” see the person immediately after, you also experience synchronicity.

2 You want to be alone or with new people that you feel vibrate with who you have become

Spiritual evolution means that you need to give up on the toxic people and events in your life. Evolution is not always an easy path, but it is the only way to heal our hidden wounds. When at the beginning of this process, you will feel the need to hear the silence from inside and around you. In addition, you become more comfortable with yourself. Don`t worry, this is a normal part of the spiritual shift.

Nikola Tesla, one of the smartest people who lived on Earth, said: “Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in world full of conformists”

3 Hypersensitivity

Your 5 physical senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell) will develop day by day. Besides that, your spiritual senses level also increase. Intuition, imagination, emotions become more understandable for you, and you learn to listen to your intuition, to the messages from your spiritual guide. Also, you learn to understand that your soul expresses through negative or positive emotions, depending if it is a good or a wrong way in your life journey.

4 Sadness about the suffering in the world

You start to “feel” the world as being superficial. Some things start not to make any sense for you anymore. You become less interested in shopping, eating too much and doing things that people “normally” do. You will start to develop your relationship and connection with nature and animals. You start to feel a big pain in your soul, regarding the unlimited unfair things happening in the world. All this suffering was there before we even realize it and we start to feel guilty for all the years we lived in ignorance.

We strongly feel the desire to stop the pain on this planet, the abuses on Nature, Animals and Human Beings.

This is one of the reasons more people nowadays become vegetarians. They start to understand that the “big meat requirement” lead to an unfair abuse on the animals we eat. A lot of documentaries present evidences that animals have feeling, too.

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Guided Heart Meditation

5 You have the courage to give up toxic people and habits

At this time you realize that you cannot evolve and maintain a highly positive vibration around toxic people. Negative thinkers make you feel exhausted and with the feeling that your energy was drained out of your body. Also you may understand that old toxic habits are not helping you in healing your wounds, but in hiding them. You realize all the things that you were used to do and don`t want to do them anymore because they are society models that don`t reflect your inner vibration frequency. Awakening process is about getting rid of the old “non-you” and embracing the New You.

6 The feeling that you become a new person

This part is kind of hard to be explained in words, because words can`t completely describe feelings and emotions. The spiritual awakening process feels like a warm inner Light-shower. You feel that the Light makes way in your inner soul and this Light helps you wash your old negative thinking. It is almost the same feeling as if you are after a gym session and you take a good shower to get rid of the sweat on your body. Spiritual awakening make you feel lighter inside. You feel that your heart becomes lighter day by day. You don`t have to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. That is the beauty of the journey on this Planet. To be free and willing to explore.

7 You like to stay calm and base your actions on Love and Peace

Furthermore, you understand the purpose of your actions, words and thoughts and you understand their impact on others. You also know now the purpose of your emotions. In addition, you already learned from your own experiences that living in fear, hate, envy, only has a negative effect on your body and on the experience you manage to attract in your life.

Stay in gratitude and joy! Trust your path, because you are not walking alone on it.