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Privacy Policy

Effective as: 25th of May, 2018.

  By subscribing to our Awaken Newsletter you are giving us your explicit consent to send you informational and commercial emails regarding:

- recently published articles on our website;

- previously published articles on our website;

- products released by the Awaken Mindset team

or commercialized through our website;

  During the subscribing process we collect your email address and first name uniquely. You have the full control over your information as we commit not to email you anymore if you have unsubscribed from our newsletter and the personally identifying information (PII) mentioned above will be automatically removed from our database records.

​  Awaken Mindset commits not to share nor sell to any 3rd party the PII information collected during the subscribing process without the user’s explicit consent.

  As many other peers in the industry we collect data regarding user information, log data and service side logs. We use this data in order to analyze the performance of our website and implement performance improvements, usage information regarding the content being read in order to provide relevant content for our readers, device related information in order to improve our website performance on all devices used by our readers.

  Every application and website collects such information, ​this being is a standard in the industry for many reasons:

  • ​The device related data such as mark, model, screen resolution which helps us design our website to better perform on the majority of devices used by our readers;
  • ​The user related information such as public IP address, region and country information, which helps content makers to provide relevant content to the appropriate segment;
  • ​The behavior data regarding your visit on our website, in order to understand which articles are visited the most, how much time is spent on the page – this helps content makers to understand on which topics to focus.

For any privacy questions or inquiries, please reach us at privacy@awakenmindset.com.

The Awaken Mindset Team

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