Indigo Children

Indigo Children

Indigo children of the new Millennium


Every child is born with a certain set of abilities, a certain potential, sometimes with talents, other times with high intelligence or genius intelligence. During his growth, the child interacts with his mom, with the surrounding environment and has different types of influences, as family education, scholar education, and why not self education.   The child creates his own personality and type of character this way.  The environment where the child grows up is one of the most important piece in his evolution and thrive process.

The indigo children are those who are not like the others, in their own way of behavior and understanding life. Our social, educational and mental structures are not prepared to understand them. Indigo children incarnated on Earth for the last 100 years, but the strongest “wave”  of indigo children was in the 70`s. They are our future leaders, they are strong adults, with increasing abilities and a high level of creativity. Indigo children were born by 2000, when the crystal children started to come on our planet.  Their role is to help us thrive to the next step of our collective evolution.

There are two different type of indigo adults and children: one of them are the ones that were born indigo and they are evolving to crystal beings; the other group are those who were born without these qualities, but they are achieving them through spiritual practice .  The next level in the human evolution are the Rainbow children. People who can read the auras can easily see these three types of beings, because their name came from the color of their aura.


Indigo children – the new generation

Normally, human beings have different colors in their aura. The indigo children are characterized by a blue-indigo aura. Indigos are not a product of esoteric groups. They are present on this planet and are using their special abilities to create a collective awakening and to change the world. They are strongly connected with other indigos they meet. Indigo have a different DNA and they are an energetic channel between the Universe and the Earth. Their mission is to help the humanity to thrive into a new superior race. Indigos need a different education from the classic templates. Their education needs to be spiritual,  global and holistic.

Indigo children and adults have some needs that for some of us would appear as too much. They need to express their link to the Divinity, to the Divine and Solar consciousness, with the primary energy of the Universe . They want to experience their inner truth, not the one found in books, at school or traditions.

Indigo children and adult characteristics

-very knowledgeable with new technology and with computers; intelligent but still may not have the best grades in school, because they learn what they like

-have a strong will to change the world and the system that controls us; they feel like they came here with a special purpose

-have strong creativity skills in different forms of art: paining, photography, music

-they say what they think without being shy; they like to know “WHY?” when it comes to something

-they don`t like to lie, even if they shock others with their need of truth; they suffer when are lied or when someone affirms that lying is normal

-live with a deep empathy understanding but dislike stupidity and ignorance

-may have temperamental and rage problems because are emotionally sensitive beings

-have a strong intuition, being able to feel the lie and the ulterior motives

-may manifest awareness of parallel dimensions and realities

-have a strong desire to understand their meaning in the world through religion and spirituality; some experience having premonitions, seeing deceased family members or angels, hearing voices

-sensitive to processed food, pesticides and additives; they eat when they are hungry, not over a schedule


“This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom.
But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of LOVE.”