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7 Signs You Are a Lightworker. Are you one of them?


7 Signs You Are a Lightworker


What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone who incarnated in a human body, with the intention of providing assistance towards awakening and ascension of individuals. This spiritual beings are here to transform human consciousness. Lightworkers are experiencing the spiritual awakening process, too. The feelings you got in your heart after living an experience, cannot be fully explained using words.

Therefore, a Lightworker needs to experience expanded consciousness and reconnecting experiences in order to be able to transmit further some of his knowledge. In this process of self-development, the light-spreaders influence others and catalyze their awakening. Some of the Lightworkers   don`t remember early in their human life, the purpose they are here. Until they find this aspect, they may be a positive influence on others due to their clear and positive vibrational output.

The Power of a Lightworker is in his conscious awareness

Lightworkers are not any better than anyone else, they are just waking up faster than others. Their purpose here is to help humanity to reach a level where all people could be categorized Lightworkers. The goal is to live in a world where people are awakened, connected, conscious, aware and compassionate.

They Don`t Teach You in Schools About Your Soul`s Purpose. Find out if you are a Starseed, Indigo, Chrystal, Rainbow Child, Lightworker or Earth Angel

All these mentioned Spiritual Beings have their purpose and special role in the Planetary Shift. They play different roles in the evolution of human consciousness, no group in better than another. They are part of the same big soul family.

Lightworkers are here in vastly growing numbers on Earth to continue the much earlier work of the selected handful of awake souls from thousands of years ago. They were the “Masters” we based religions around. The Starseeds are the teachers and mentors for the Lightworker`s current generation. Starseeds are here to help the awakening Lightworkers who are struggling with the early signs of awakening.

Remembering your Special Role as a Lightworker

Each Lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, life on earth creates a form of amnesia in a lightworker`s mind, because of the material focus. When this Spiritual Beings forget their role, they feel afraid and lost.

Here are 7 Signs that You are a Lightworker 



Feel a strong calling. You may not know exactly why you are here. But you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have an undiscovered higher purpose.

Sense of urgency feeling.  Beside the fact that you feel you have a special role, you also feel like you need to find out Now about that role.

Suffering made you wise. Your life was not easy. Usually, lightworkers have gone through some significant challenges that they had to overcome. Most of these challenges occurred in childhood.

Desire to help. No matter if your focus is on human beings, animals, nature or simply on Mother Earth, you feel compassion for all forms of life. Also, you feel a strong desire to stop all the suffering in the world.

Highly sensitive and intuitive abilities. 

You were a sensitive person even in your childhood. Therefore,  you adopted the ignorance to protect your highly sensitive structure. You also have some kind of spiritual gift: healing abilities or just highly sensitive to the energy around you.

Going through a spiritual awakening.  Some experiences in your life opened you the way to the spiritual awakening process. Maybe they were painful, but they were signs to make you remember who you are. And why you are here.

Feeling that everything has a spiritual solution.   You feel like everything happens with a reason. And that in every reason, you can find a lesson. Therefore, you believe that connecting to a higher energy is always the answer. Spiritual methods can heal any situation.

These are some of the most commons characteristics and signs that you are a Lightworker. In addition, remember that spiritual awakening is a long term process determined of your own experiences and the lessons you learned through your path. Some of them may be painful, but the wounds they leave are the places where light enters for healing.

To conclude, my strong message for all the awakening Lightworkers is : Be brave in your own truth! You are part of a big and peaceful Light family. You knew it`s going to be difficult, but you accepted your mission. We were trained for this mission. Remember about what it means to be one. Recognize and accept yourself as a Lightworker. Especially relevant is to release and forgive your past. Let the light heal your wounds. Remember that you were born to Shine !!!

First step in healing the world is to heal ourselves.

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  1. This was a very interesting post. While I don’t necessarily “buy into” all aspects of spiritual teachings, I have always found them very fascinating. This was a lovely read, and I happy to have something to think on as I venture off into the woods.

    Thank you for sharing! ♥

    XOXO- Mermaid Phantom

  2. This was such a great post and resonated with me very much. I think I have known for a long time I was a light worker and felt different so I hid behind the science and being an athlete! I’m now doing more energy healing discovery. I just had a baby girl and I believe she is a light worker too and a very powerful Rainbow Child. Everywhere we go people are anamoured with her and mention her big eyes and how she looks through their soul and yet she’s a very happy baby. I had a very different upbringing and I now know that what I’ve been seeking is what I need to be for my child. I named her Everly and as a light worker, it’s so vital for me to nurture her and her to show and help this world to raise our vibration.

    Thank you for this post. I read the other posts on Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

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