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Should We Meditate Daily?

We hear almost every day that is good to meditate. But do we ask ourselves why?

Why do we need that time of staying still? Why does that matter in our thrive process? There are a lot of ways to meditate.

Well…we all have a physical body we are aware of it, right? And we all try to keep the physical body well cleaned and well fed. We shower once a day, we eat at least 2 or 3 times a day.  Why do we eat? To produce energy, and we consume the produced energy by moving, speaking , thinking, (even by breathing J ) and other tons of things we do during a day.

If we daily clean our physical body , why not clean our spiritual body, too?  But how can we clean something that even we don`t see?  How can we feed something we don`t see?  It`s the simplest thing to do in the whole world! Just stay and do nothing! Shut down all your thoughts! And you`ll find yourself connecting to the Universal energy source.  Naturally as breathing.  Stay like a flower, stay like a tree. Don`t say nothing, don`t open your eyes, don`t think, just EXIST. Feel what it feels to just Be.

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Life as we know it is not possible without 2 elements: water and sun. Water has it`s own memory to stock all the needed information, and Sun is the necessary and sufficient condition , an  energy river to activate Water`s information. The Sun is the server, and we all are his clients, but this will be the subject of another article

So….even if we are energy consumers , we do not produce the sufficient amount of energy to function all day.

The  energy produced by the food we eat is most of the time insufficient for our needs. One of the reasons may be that we eat food from the supermarkets. When you take out a carrot from the soil, every day that passes until you consume it will take from it`s nutritive value.  If you take the apple from the tree, it will lose from it`s nutritive value every day until you eat it. Because every vegetable or fruit loses water once you disconnect it from the energy source it grew up in. And along the water, the vitamins and minerals contained within, as well.  You don`t have to believe this until you experience it.  Compare a supermarket apple to a fresh apple just taken from the tree, and your taste buds  will make the difference for you.

If we don`t obtain enough energy from our food, if we don`t meditate at all, there is another source of energy to be used: energy of the people that surround us.    We can take vital energy from others without even realizing or we can “offer” our good energy to others. Find more about Different energetic vampires  here.  So, why be energetic vampires when we can obtain our own spiritual food with  no stress, trough meditation ?

Our final goal as spiritually  evolved  human beings is to be able to live using our own sources. We are the ones to make the decision if we eat healthy of not, if we behave healthy or not for us and for the others. We are the creators of our own life experience and we should start to act like we understand it !

Watch the video bellow to know the science behind why you should start meditate today:

Hope you enjoyed our meditation short story, we will cover this in more details in the future posts.

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  1. Great article and valuable information within! It remembered me about the importance of taking a few minutes only for myself, to be with myself. Looking forward to reading other articles on this website. Thank you!

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