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7 Chakras opening explained to children

Opening the 7 chakras – cartoon

Here is a very cute animated video about the opening of the 7 chakras. I find it interesting for adults, too, because of our childish nature when it comes to spirituality.

First step in opening chakras is to gain balance. Balance can be gained if we learn how to deal with negative emotions. Whenever we feel angry, envy, annoyed, sad, fear, our body goes into a low vibrational frequency.  If we experience negative emotions repeatedly, the uncleaned negative emotions create energy blockages. These blockages are not visible at first.

In time, the blockage is translated by our physical body in different dysfunctions.  But speaking about energies, the blockages can be destroyed with good practice, meditation and positive thinking.  Getting rid of the blockages, the physical body heals, too.  Find out what kind of negative emotions and habits do we have to give up in order to open our 7 chakra system.

As the water flows in the river, the same way our energy flows through our body. Negative emotions create emotional blockages that prevent energy to flow free.

First chakra is blocked by fear, the second chakra is blocked by guilt, the Fire chakra is blocked by shame.

The heart chakra is blocked by grief and it deals with Love. Once we dissolve the emotional blockages one by one, the energy starts to flow naturally, energizing the corresponding physical parts of the body.

But what about the rest of them? What kind of thoughts, attachments and negative feelings can block our energy from a natural flow.

What can we do to regain the balance of our energy? Are this blockages irreversible ? No, they are not.

But the opening chakras process is irreversible. Once you start it, it naturally will continue until all 7 chakras are opened.

Confront and dissolve the emotional blockages using different techniques : meditation, music therapy, chromotherapy, Yoga, mantras, Chrystal therapy

Find more about the way chakras influence our mental health

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