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Old Souls in Young Bodies. Are you one of them?

old soul
old soul

Old Souls in Young Bodies. Are you one of them?

Every soul that volunteers for the journey of reincarnation here on Earth is courageous. The biggest challenge is forgetting what you know, once you change the physical body. So, in each new physical body, you learn again to move your muscles, to eat and drink, to use the restroom instead of dippers, to walk and to talk.

A soul complete evolution process needs too many experiences to be lived in a single incarnation.  And let`s be serious. We don`t know to take care of the physical body long enough to learn all our lessons during a single earthly life.

The incarnated souls on Earth have different evolutionary ages, depending on the number and importance of the learned lessons.


Soul evolutionary stages

In their 1st  stage of incarnation,

the souls are also known as Infant Souls. They are novice souls that experience life in physical form. Their main lesson is to learn to survive, adapting to human form. Experiencing one`s own needs and limitations, as well as relating with the environment and with other beings is to be learned in this evolutionary stage.

Stage 2 of incarnation

has his souls known as Baby Souls , just like in human physical evolution. The main lesson for this evolutionary stage is to adapt to the rules of a civilized society. Once the basic needs in Maslow`s hierarchy were pleased, it`s time to participate to a social structure that provides order, security and a sense of belonging. This also means learning to control short-term impulses for the benefit of long-term stability

Stage 3 of incarnation

deals with Young Souls. At this stage, life is about asserting oneself as an individual in the world. These souls are independent players on the planet, manifesting the free will. In his evolutionary process, young souls learn to free themselves from limitation, finding the personal talents. The specific thinking pattern for this souls is comparing personal achievements to other`s. The Ego rates his higher potential during this stage. The taste of success may seem more important than happiness.

Those who learn to silence their ego, will have the opportunity to make it to the next stage.

Stage 4 of incarnation

deals with Mature Souls, or the corresponding of the earthly adulthood. In this point, life becomes all about embracing other`s perspectives. The adult souls focus on being sensitive, cooperative and authentic. They recognize other`s perspectives as being equally valid, because they understand the spiritual evolutionary stages.

I considered this introduction about the soul`s evolutionary stages to be important for our today subject : The Old Souls and how can we determine the Soul Age

Stage 5 of incarnation

is about Old Souls.  In this evolutionary point, souls are in search of balance and completion. In this stage, the soul is in his final lap of reincarnation. Now, it is ready to return to unity. Having the knowledge from the previous stages, Old Souls are in search of unity within diversity. This unity is not equal to losing individuality and dissolving into nothingness. But to complete it`s adventure as a unique individual, like a distinctive star in the night`s dark sky.

If you feel displaced, alone and older than your earthly age, chances are that you may be an Old Soul.

old souls
old souls

Let`s see what are the distinctive characteristics of an Old Soul


  1. You know there is always another method to do things
  2.  have a strong intuition when you do new things
  3.  like to think your own patterns instead of following old ones
  4.  appreciate the presence of wise old people around you
  5.  are solitary, because you don`t share the same interests of the people in your age group
  6.  appreciate old literature, being open to embrace ancient wisdom.
  7. You know to avoid unnecessarily stress
  8. You experienced a spiritual awakening
  9.  love spirituality, the truth and wisdom

Did you ever met someone who acts and speaks wiser than his/her earthly age? These Old Souls are either born spiritual awakened or they grow into an Old Soul through their life experiences.

Either way, Old Souls are wise spiritual awakened humans. Read more about the Spiritual Awakening Signs for a better understanding of the Soul`s evolution.

Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section bellow.

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