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Negative emotions cause illness

Negative emotions – what are emotions?

Positive and negative emotions are part of our daily life, even if we like it or not.  Emotion is a conscious experience manifesting in intense mental activity and a high level of pleasure or displeasure.  Emotions are complex, having both high or low vibration: love, joy, happiness, fear, envy, anger.Emotions are strong related to mood, temperament, motivation and personality.  Cognition has a strong influence on increasing or decreasing the level of a certain emotion. For example, if we experience a dangerous situation and we think that something bad will happen to us, our blood pressure will increase in a short amount of time.  But if we manage to chill our mind with the breathing practice, we will maintain a normal blood  pressure.

The universal truth is the vibration. Human beings experience this truth day by day trough their emotions and feelings. Our energy vibration level is reflected by: our health, our good mood, our ability to solve problems. During our sleep, the energetic vibration level increases, synchronizing to the Universal vibration. That`s why in the morning we all feel so fresh. We can experience increased energy level during the day,too, when someone sends us good vibes, when someone is thankful for something we did. When our vibration level is high, our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are filled with good energy and are healed.  It is well known that sleep is a good healer. It is not such a big surprise, if we think of the main reason for that: the mind is “resting”  during sleep. So, our body can relax and follow intuition. Sleep is another form of meditation.

When we are tired or ill, our energetic vibration level gets low. This means that we need to recharge our body with healthy high vibrating energy.

Human body and it’s electrical design

When we look at the nervous system, we wounder what kind of brilliant engineer had such a knowledge and implemented it in our body.  Scientist proved that the nervous system is built according to an electrical design.

The nervous system is composed of two parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system is the control centre, formed by the brain and the  spinal cord.  The peripheral nervous system contains nerves that connect other parts of the body to the central nervous system, to the brain. Using a combination of chemical and electrical processes, the nervous system is used to control the good functioning of the human body. When we think of the scale of the operation, at the atomic level, we can only be grateful for having the opportunity to experience such a profound creation as the human body is.

The octopus looking neuron or nerve cell is the basic building block of the nervous system. The neuron is able to transmit electrical impulses to the nearby neuron. We are able to receive and  translate information from the surrounding environment due to this network of electrical impulses.

Our human body design contains five stimuli translators. These translators are able to understand and to translate information from our environment and to transform the information into electrical energy. Once transformed to electrical energy, the information is conducted to the brain. Our body have different sensory receptor cells for different stimuli. So that we use our ears for the hearing stimuli, the eyes for visual stimuli and so on. The frequency of electrical pulse transmission may range between 10 and 500 impulses per second, for a healthy body in normal conditions.

Knowing all these details about the way information is transmitted in our body, it`s easy to understand why emotions have a strong influence on our health level.

The way emotions affect health

Your physical body reacts to the way you think, feel, act. As we discussed before in previous articles, the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are no self existing bodies, but they are strong related.  When you experience negative emotions for a long term, your body will try to communicate its discomfort translated in different diseases.

That happens because we have pain receptors in all our bodies. And the role of the pain receptors is to bring back our attention on the way we feel and behave and to focus on the impact that our negative emotions have on us.

For example, if we are going trough a stressful period, the stomach is the organ that will be affected first. Also the high blood pressure is the sign of stress. Other signs that can show you have an unbalanced emotional health are: headaches, back pain, insomnia, extreme tiredness, palpitations, dry mouth, sweating.

Illness – friend or enemy?

Energetically speaking, illness is an energetic blockage. When having a long term negative emotion, is results in a low vibration level for a certain part of the body. That means that the energy will flow slowly in that part of the body until it will stop charging that part or organ. That spot is named an energetic blockage. Solving the conflicts and accepting the negative emotions we have are the best treatment we posses.

Here is a list of the most common emotion related diseases

Allergies –  not believing in your own powers

Alzheimer– running from reality; losing the inner child and inner purity

Corns– ignoring your imagination; fear of progress

Chronic diseases– resistance in front of change; fear for the  future

Bronchitis-violent fights and tension in the family followed by silence;

Bulimia– denying your own feelings and emotions

Cancer– deep wounds, hidden sadness that kill the body

Depression– ignoring your own feelings;

Teeth aches – postponement of important decisions in life and the incapacity to deal with them

Fever– burning sadness, protest

Bad mouth smell– unjustified offense on others, vengeful spirit

Hepatitis– hate (the liver is the center of hate feelings)

Insomnia– fear, guilt

When we will understand the true impact that negative emotions and feelings have on our physical and mental health, we won’t need to go to the doctor. We will be able to unlock the energetic blockages by simply dealing and accepting the cause that created the negative emotion.  Imagine the speed the information is sent inside a network. The same speed applies to the positive emotions in your bodies. Positive emotions are healers for the body. They help to regain an coherent and constant high level of energetic vibration.


“A clear understanding of negative emotions dismisses them ”

Vernon Howard


Here is a good video on the impact negative emotions have on our health:



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  1. Pushing away negative emotion is impossible. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, scared and more. To fake your happiness would only make you more upset. Although these emotions as your saying has a possibility of causing an illness, I am SURE no one would be able to NEVER feel these emotions in their whole life. Your diet, exercise and health are probably the main reasons one was to be diagnosed with an illness, not your emotions. Thank you for reading my opinion.

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