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Mother Nature and the Dacians laws Explained!

Mother Nature and the Dacians laws

The Belagines (beautiful) laws were written in the time of King Burebista, by Zamolxian priest Deceneu, around 84 B.C. They must be understood like the “humanity laws”, the ancestral laws of each member of the community , living in harmony with nature.

We humans are definitely part of the Nature. Beyond the ephemeral quality of time, there is somewhere, somehow, something that creates New.  The light and the dark, the empty and the full, the movement and the stillness, they are all part of the same Light spring

Everything is created from Light.

Love, the most powerful feeling,  is always much more stronger than hate is. The hot air always climbs higher than the cold air is able to go down. The power of union is always stronger than the power of separation. The one who stays on the top of the roof sees further than the one sitting on the porch.

Be as calm as  a lake. If we throw a rock into a lake, it`s stillness, calm and water clarity will be shaken. It`s true that this is only a transitory existence state of the lake. Time will make the clarity of the water reappear . We are 90% water at the birth time and about 65% water at death time. That`s pretty much water constantly in a lifetime J So we have all we need to be like the lake. We are water! Be like the new mountain spring, that keeps digging and digging to create his own riverbed. The river never give up on going forward. It reshapes the rocks he meets in his road, to make his own way.

Be like the tall tree. Don`t you forget that the taller the tree is, the deeper are his roots in the ground. The strength of the tree is taken from the ground. The wisdom of the tree is also taken from the soil that keeps all the ancestral wisdom. The tall tree lives in harmony with the small trees around him. Live in harmony with the small and weak people around you

The human thoughts are like the thunder. As the lightening comes with the thunder,  and the light in it brings the fire, the human thought becomes word, and the word becomes action. The light of the man is his thought and this is the most valuable treasure he has. The light gets power through the word, and the will of man makes possible all the things that surround him.

The strength of a man starts with the unspoken word. This is like a seed that germinates, you cannot see the moment when the seed starts to live.  The light makes her grow, the soil gives her nutrients, the water gives her force and patience gives her the strength

Learn the patience lesson from Mother Nature.

She waits for every little thing to happen without hurrying a thing. Every little thing on Earth has his perfect to happen. Don`t try to be the one who dictates when that moment is, and the Universe and Mother Nature will reward you for this.

Stay always in the breeze of your soul. If you don`t permit your anger to pass through your word, it will return back to the place where it first came from.


Love , unity, peace are manifestation of those who are wise!

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