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Life Path Number 33 Characteristics

Life Path Number 33
Life Path Number 33

Life Path Number 33

General Characteristics – Devoted Humanitarian

Life Path Number 33 is a mover and a shaker of the Master numbers. A birthdate that reduces to 33 is very rare. When it does happen, you are possibly looking at a great spiritual leader, like the Dalai Lama (Life Path 22) or Gandhi (Life Path 9). Number 33 can be reduced to 6, that is the primary nature of 33, being nurturing and responsible. With 22 and 11 combined in this Master Number, intuition and dreams reach an entirely new level. The full potential of Life Path 33 means there is no personal agenda, only a focus on humanitarian issues. A 33 is capable to throw himself into a project that goes far beyond practicality.

Life Path Number 33 – You are the Master Teacher

Your individual focus is to reach the world and to uplift the loving energy of mankind. You are not concerned with personal ambition and you are strongly devoted to your cause. Life path number 33 has a high level of energy and is concerned with doing things that have a good impact in the world. 33 are using their lives to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible. Life path 33 is a beautiful number.

33s represents full understanding before communication. If you were born under the spell of 33, you are most probably highly knowledgeable, but you also check facts before preaching ideas or ideals.

You are responsible and you are a great leader. This position may not always please you, but you always find a way to make peace with it. Life Path Number usually achieve fame through acts of compassion, kindness and tenderness, that lead to the transformation of the world`s consciousness.

You need to temper your criticism

Having the characteristics of a life path 6, too, makes you the best person to take care of things. But you need to learn how to temper your criticism when you need to sit back to watch others. Or just do it yourself.

You are always coming up with ideas that other people think are a bit “out there”. Follow your instincts and others will follow you. We will end up with a compassionate, kinder and gentler world.

Numerology experts pay special attention to Master Numbers, and you should, too. Because 11, 22 and 33 create a triangle of enlightenment.

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