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Life Path Number 22 Characteristics

Life Path Number 22
Life Path Number 22

Life Path Number 22

General Characteristics – the most successful, great potential

Being a Life Path Number 22 offers you the extremes of life`s possibilities. On one hand, you have the potential to be the Master Builder. This gives you the opportunity to perceive something great in the archetypal world and manifest it in the relative world. On the other hand, you can slip into the depths of obscurity, achieving little more than personal support.

Your power is delicate; you need to use it wise. You must use your visions and ideals to inspire others to follow you into achieving your dream. Life Path 22 bring together the necessary elements: people, ideas, resources. You do this by knowing how to marshaling collective forces with the determination to realize your goal.

Life Path 22, You are born to be Understanding

Being under the spell of 22 requires dramatic evolution. You are able to integrate conflicting characteristics within yourself. For example, your inspiring vision and your natural tendency towards practicality, develop the talent to deal effectively with a great variety of people. This allows you to reunite different people toward a single goal. You melt different cultural ideas into a concerted whole. Life Path Number 22`s task in life is to unite the dream with the bottom line. In conclusion, you are the visionary with the feet on the ground.

Learn to control your Arrogance

The negative side of being a Life Path 22, rarely comes to surface. But when it manifests, it has the same intensity as the positive side. The difference is that the motivations and ideals change into negative ones, leading the 22 to be insensible, arrogant and dictatorial.

The influence of Life Path Number 22 is strong and will determine material prosperity and big changes for humanity.

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