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Left Brain vs Right Brain. Importance of Improving the Right Brain Skills

Early Childhood Learning Benefits for Children . Left Brain vs Right Brain.

Left Brain vs Right Brain
Left Brain vs Right Brain

Planet Earth goes through a continuous thriving process, increasing it`s vibration. A new generation of gifted children are coming to Earth, having a new set of characteristics and abilities. They are highly energetic beings, and their energy is crystal clear. They are the children of the new millennium, of our New Earth. Their mission is to heal the world we live in. On the other side, our mission is to maintain a solid foundation for their healthy growing up.

Early Childhood Learning – Shichida Method or Stimulating the Right Brain

Beside the academic acquisitions of our children, we need to focus our attention on their sensitivity, imagination and creativity. Some of the Shichida Method benefits are developing important abilities like: the Photographic Memory, Lightning Rapid Calculation. It also develops Long Attention Span Concentration, Creative and Vivid Imagination, Mastery of Perfect Pitch, Multi Language Circuit and a strong confidence for artistic and non-artistic talents.

I don`t know how many of you did hear about Shichida Method.  There are only a few English sources to describe the method.  I will try to summarize the main theories and work methods for this educational alternative.

Shichida Method is a proprietary right-brain training system. It has no more than 40 years of research and over 35 years of track records in Japan. The method uses the materials created by the Shichida Educational Institute. There are over 450 centers all over Japan. Shichida is the most popular course in Malaysia and Singapore for the last 17 years also.

Makoto Shichida
Makoto Shichida

Why Stimulating the Right Brain?

“The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use the whole brain. Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity and the capability to make use of high proportion of their brain should be the goal of child rearing” – Professor Makoto Shichida

Based on the thousands of personal stories reported by parents on the program, many now believe in early sensory stimulation to draw out rich creativity and hidden abilities in children. The Shichida Method is not just an enrichment program, but  also a whole life philosophy. Also, it is an art to consciously raise your children, and the process is coordinated by parents. Shichida centers in Japan have courses for parents also, because Shichida method is also a practice for home.

Professor Shichida says that  the most important ingredient in our child development is Love, the feeling that helps the child to open his mind. According to Makato Shichida, the founder of the method, children are not able to fully access their special abilities because of the negative image they project about themselves. They have an unconscious thought that their parents are suffering because of their bad grades in school, because of their diseases or their physical imperfections. As a result, children start to use their abilities only after getting rid of this negative thinking. They have to be assured and reassured about our infinite love we feel for them. Most of all, they need to know that we are going to love them no matter what. Their immediate transformation will be amazing.


Shichida Method

Fear and criticism are blockers for rich creativity, being the enemy number one against the genius condition. On the other side, Love and Encouragement create a friendly environment for the free flow of new ideas. The mind always works better when relaxed.

Shichida Book of Records
Shichida Book of Records

So, based on the idea that all the babies are born with high and unique abilities, that can be easily developed using the right stimulation method. This right brain training system sustains the development of highly functional of gifted children. It underlies the necessity of sculpting one`s character along with their learning abilities. Focusing on the brain development as a whole, is the awakening mindset for the new millennium children, who can finally feel free to express a maximum of potential in the world they live in.

 Left Brain vs Right Brain memory allocation

In one of his books, professor Shichida talks about the fact that the right brain has a high speed mechanism itself and a high quality memory. First of all, the left brain translates the received environmental information to language, which is a time consuming operation, requiring sequential processing. On the other side, the right brain processes information on a high speed, using the photographic memory ability.  Professor Shichida also mentions about the long lasting of the right brain memory, compared to the left brain “time/space memory allocation”. Left brain has an auto-cleaning process running from time to time, deleting all the old and unneeded information. On the right brain, the graphic information remains forever written.

Developing your potential using Shichida Method

The Right Brain is the dominant part of the brain for newborns up to 3 years old children. Therefore, our attention in this period should be focused on offering the child everything he needs for a harmonious growing. All the 5 senses should be equally and regularly stimulated. When children are young, they act like learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn is an investment in their future and their learning speed is amazing.

Professor Shichida also mentions that these children develop abilities that we didn`t even think could exist, acting like these were normal abilities. Therefore, watching them assimilating huge information blocks, watching their amazingly sharp memory or the way they predict future events, are the guidelines for changing our conventional and dusted education methods.

shichida records
shichida records

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Also, stay close to find out more useful information about Flashcards, how to create you personalized lessons for your child and a lot more about Shichida Right Brain Training Method. All in our future article.

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