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Indigo Children Test

Indigo Children Test

indigo children test
indigo children test

Are you intuitive, truth lover, wise like an old man? Are you considered to be antisocial no matter how much you struggle to fit in this society`s structures?  You may be an Indigo Child or an Indigo Adult.  

Take our free Indigo Children Test to discover your unique percentage score!

What are Indigo Children and Indigo Adults?

The indigo children are those who are not like the others, in their own way of behavior and understanding life.

Our social, educational and mental structures are not prepared to understand them. Indigo children incarnated on Earth for the last 100 years, but the strongest “wave”  of indigo children was in the 70`s. They are our future leaders, they are strong adults, with increasing abilities and a high level of creativity. Indigo children were born by 2000, when the crystal children started to come on our planet.  Their role is to help us thrive to the next step of our collective evolution. There are two different type of indigo adults and children: one of them are the ones that were born indigo and they are evolving to crystal beings; the other group are those who were born without these qualities, but they are achieving them through spiritual practice .  The next level in the human evolution are the Rainbow children.

For those who want to extend their knowledge about Indigo Children, we recommend the following books :

Some of the Indigo Children Characteristics are:

indigo child test
indigo child test
  • Very knowledgeable with new technology and with computers; intelligent but still may not have the best grades in school, because they learn what they like
  • Have a strong will to change the world and the system that controls us; they feel like they came here with a special purpose
  • Have strong creativity skills in different forms of art: paining, photography, music
  • They say what they think without being shy; they like to know “WHY?” when it comes to something
  • They don`t like to lie, even if they shock others with their need of truth; they suffer when are lied or when someone affirms that lying is normal

 You should also read about educating Indigo Children, as well, using training methods for the Right Brain, as Shichida Method.

Take this Indigo Children Test to see your Indigo Score.

Welcome to your Indigo Children Test

1) Do you know what people want to tell you, before they speak?
2) You were born after the 70`s.
3) No matter how hard you try to fit in, you are considered to be different
4) You have depressive episodes.
5) You don`t like to be told what to do.
6) You love to help people in need.
7) You always felt your have a special purpose on Earth.
8) You have a special sensor to detect the lies.
9) The energies around you affect your energetic frequency. You feel other`s negative and positive emotions.
10) "WHY" is your characteristic question. You always needed to know why, before doing something.

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  1. Awesome Article, i always taught i am an indigo child.
    I Scored 10! 😀 Thanks for this free indigo child test.

  2. Many Blessings to us all💗💃

  3. I scored a 10% I always had a feeling I was a light worker. But indigo I definitely doubted. But not no more. I no why I’m so different now from all the others that come to be in my life. I’ve always known I was different and something special since I could remember. All I can say is wow, now let’s all come together and work as one with each other and change this planted too be of the purest good.. light and love too all…♡☆♡☆♡☆

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