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Your Gifted Child – Let Him Thrive

What is a Gifted Child?

A gifted child is a child whose needs are fed with love, sincere and straight communication, encouragement and appreciation.

One of the biggest problem a family can experience with her kids is: “why is this kid a better performer than the other?  I raised them all, but they are completely different. What did I do wrong or different?

Each of them is different, but none of them does what the others do.  Usually, parents have an emotional influence on their children development. But they don`t pay sufficient attention to the educational aspect, during the time spent with their kids.

When you have a single child, he learns a lot from his parents.  When you have more than a child, they grow up learning very much one from each other.  That happens because the parent has very few spare time. Parents are focusing on the financial aspect of their lives, more than the children`s educational aspect. This way, most of the parents don`t have a brief understanding of their children`s development phases. They don`t know when is mandatory to interfere with the child`s development process.

And by interfere, I think of encouragement and sustaining the activities you see your child is talented at.  This part is very important in each child`s evolution, because they gain trust in their own capabilities and talents.  They can assume a passion domain that can be later their hobby or their career.

Start “feeding” your children with complex information

Parents are concerned about fulfilling the primary needs in Maslow`s hierarchy chart.  They feed the daily physiological needs. But every human being needs more than that in order to have a coherent and harmonious development.  Every individual being on Earth has more than physiological needs. We also have the safety needs, love needs, self-esteem and cognitive needs and self-actualization needs. Our children have the same needs that we have.  They don`t just need clothes, food, fun and money.  We need to stop a minute from our daily run to get aware of the fact that our kids have multiple needs that have to be satisfied in order to raise healthy adults. And by healthy I refer to mental and spiritual health, not only physical health.

If a child is raised with only the primary physical needs being fulfilled, he will grow into an adult that doesn`t feel the self-actualization need. The resulting adult won`t have the need for protecting the social environment he belongs to.  Every parent has to learn who their children are,  what is the development pattern their children are born with, and what their real needs are.

Sometimes, a good encouraging word values more than a consistent food meal. This fact refers to the most sensible physical structure of human. Every child is learning.  When he starts his life journey, he already has the necessary social templates activated.  Only that the social templates he has are empty. And they are filled with the knowledge from the social environment, and first of all, the knowledge gained in their first 2-3 years of life, with their family.

We all know that babies have an astonishing physical and biological evolution rhythm in their intrauterine period.  All the bio-chemical and physic information taken from his mother is transformed in generative social templates. These templates helps on developing his physical strengths or weaknesses.  

Intelligence developed between 1 and 3 years old

The child starts speaking before he is 3 years old. He constantly communicates with his parent before that age, too. He understands and knows a lot of words even before speaking.  We explain certain things to the children and they understand even if they don`t use words to confirm this. His understanding is based on phrases not only on words.  The kid develops his understanding starting from nothing, learning a language from scratch. And all these in a very short period of time. In their first 3 months of living, the visual abilities are not very strong, so that the verbal abilities really start to develop after the first 4 months.

Most of the kids are able to identify a large number of words on the maternal linguistic matrix, in just a few months.  Later on, the process of learning a new foreign language will take more effective time.  And the result will differ, taking into consideration the capacity for subtle understanding of the new language.

Between 1 and 3 years old, the child grows up in a form of a gifted genius.  This is the period that he needs to benefit all his mother`s attention in order to feel the center of the Universe.  His abilities should be strongly encouraged in this 2 years period of time.  When a child speaks his first word, the parent is very happy. The child feels the happiness experienced by his parents. A child`s first few steps is another major event in that period. The child feels the joy and happiness experienced by his family, and this encourages him in the development of his abilities. He understands that his achievements are  joy and proud opportunities for the family. The lack of this joy in your child`s development, leads to later movement deficiencies.  So, the emotional stimulation we offer to our children is a very important “food” for his desire to evolve.

The development of a gifted child depends of two important factors: Nature and Nurture.

Nature refers to the physical abilities the child was born with and Nurture refers to the treatment he has in his family, to the “food” for all physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The equilibrium between Nature and Nurture is essential in developing the special abilities of any child.

Nature is able to create a lot of gifted children.  Their abilities should be spiritual “watered” and “fed” with:  a good communication, an accent on personal development and self-esteem, finding goals to achieve , spiritual balance, and ethical education. The lack of these mandatory spiritual “food” have as result an incomplete evolved child, a child that did not develop his abilities.

Being patient with your child and responding to his questions with a deep sense of responsibility is very important. You are the person he trusts the most when it comes to finding new information about anything in this World. A good parent will give his child the most complex answer he knows, regarding any subject. Maybe sometimes we don`t know the answers to all the questions. The important thing to do in that situation is: research. In order to be able to give a correct and valuable answer.

The mind and intelligence of a child raised in this manner is full of surprises. Up to 3 years old, the children are totally addicted to their parents. There is an energetic link between parents and their children and this link can persist until they become teenagers.  If we don`t feed this link, as parents, the child becomes an incomplete evolved adult.

Society and Scholar System – Silent Killers of the Gifted Minds

Most of the children are born gifted and having a high intelligence potential. The routine created by society is a strong and extremely efficient tool to destroy this high intelligence potential. This social mechanism truly discourage the development of one`s abilities. Parents are used to treat children as they are small human beings that don`t need to know everything they ask. Some of the parents don`t pay attention at their kid`s questions because they don`t have time.

On the other hand, children that don`t receive all the attention they need from their parents will manifest playing with imaginary friends. For them, that is the World they consider to be allowed to become creative in.  This is the first sign of rejecting the World he was born in. Parents ignore this sign, because at first sight it seems to be a normal behavior.  But for the child`s emotional health is not good to feel rejected by his own environment and to try to escape into an imaginary world.

So what do our children need from us to remain Gifted? 

They need a lot of Love, sincere and straight communication, encouragement. When your child has a smart question for you, that intelligence has to be appreciated. An intelligent question automatically demands for an intelligent answer.

Another important thing to take into consideration is the music the child is used to listen to. Scientific researches prove that a complex music, like classic music, will develop a complex intelligence. A simplistic music will develop a mediocre intelligence. The complexity of the music he listens helps his brain to achieve, to translate and to process complex information.  The difference can be seen even when the children start to talk. The kind of questions they ask, proves that they correlate different type of information.

Statistics show that more than half of the gifted children are hiding their abilities, because they were ridiculed by other children or by family in their early childhood. The scholar system is also a silent killer of our children`s intelligence potential. The children are supposed to obey the teacher`s structured information. There are only a few teachers that know how to recognize the gifted children and have the patience to feed their hunger for information. Just think how many children have only “A” grades in the first school years. Now think how many of them have “A” grades in college.  What made those kids surrender? Those who had a remarkable intelligence potential at first.

The adults that still have and manifest their gifted minds, are the past`s  strong children that fight the system and refuse to obey the rules.  These adults feel that they are here with a special purpose. Their desire to reach their goals is to strong, that anything in the World can`t make them change their minds.

These adults are the awakened souls of today. Are those who realize that the system we live in, limits us.  Let`s open our souls and realize that our children need our true Love to evolve. Pass the truth to the next generation.  Let`s teach our children early in life, what we learn late.

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