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Balancing and Healing the Chakra System


Balancing and Healing the 7 Chakra System Balancing the 7 chakras should be a pleasure for us. We spoke about chakras in a previous article, where we discussed about the  link between mental health and a clear and balanced chakra system. We don`t have to be spiritual teachers to be …

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The Heart as an Intelligent Brain

intelligent heart brain

 The Heart – Intelligent Brain The Heart has a long history of being popularly associated with feelings, passion, consciousness and awareness. Throughout history, poets, writers and prophets have described the human heart as the source of love, intuition, wisdom, and positive emotions. These important functions of the heart were well …

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Sunbathing – Connecting to the life source

sunbathing and heliotherapy

Heliotherapy or Sunbathing Is one of the oldest ancient health care practices, used for thousands of years to keep people in a good level of health and to fight common illness by boosting immunity through the creation of natural unprocessed  vitamin D.  The first recorded information about this practice were …

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7 Chakras opening explained to children

7 chakras

Opening the 7 chakras – cartoon Here is a very cute animated video about the opening of the 7 chakras. I find it interesting for adults, too, because of our childish nature when it comes to spirituality. First step in opening chakras is to gain balance. Balance can be gained …

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Mother Nature and the Dacians laws Explained!

Mother Nature

Mother Nature and the Dacians laws The Belagines (beautiful) laws were written in the time of King Burebista, by Zamolxian priest Deceneu, around 84 B.C. They must be understood like the “humanity laws”, the ancestral laws of each member of the community , living in harmony with nature. We humans …

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Music Therapy. The Healing Power of Music.

music therapy

Music Therapy in History Music therapy is one of the “ancient healing tools” we all have. In a modern time, where technology replaces a lot of traditional things, we almost forgot the power of music. From ancient times, music proved  to have a strong influence for each different culture.  All …

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Indigo children of the new Millennium


Every child is born with a certain set of abilities, a certain potential, sometimes with talents, other times with high intelligence or genius intelligence. During his growth, the child interacts with his mom, with the surrounding environment and has different types of influences, as family education, scholar education, and why …

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