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Pineal Gland Activation in 7 Steps

decalcify pineal gland

Activate your pineal gland in 7 steps (Decalcify Pineal gland Tips) The pineal gland, or the Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra, is located between the two hemispheres and  is responsible with producing some chemical substances and hormones. These substances and hormones are responsible of our happiness, euphoria, sleep, civilized behavior and …

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Earth 7 Chakras and it’s Super-Energetic Points

earth chakras

Earth 7 Chakras As a living being that has a chakra system in the body, Earth possesses consecutively aligned energy centers.  The most common way of understanding this concept is to overlay an outline of the infinity symbol over the flat image of the world map. In this basic geometry …

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Mental Health and the 7 Chakras System

mental health

How the 7 Chakras system can affect your mental health Our mental health is strong related with the balance of the 7 chakras. When its energy flow is disrupted or depleted, the body experiences physiological and psychological changes that can cause disease and imbalance. A stressful environment, life problems, losses, …

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Become Your Own Meditation Expert Today

meditation expert

How to become your own Meditation Expert Meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years. It is a techiniqe used to quiet the mind and body, and release stress. It can also bring focus and clarity, and often, after meditating, problems that you have been struggling with, …

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Should We Meditate Daily?

why to meditate

We hear almost every day that is good to meditate. But do we ask ourselves why? Why do we need that time of staying still? Why does that matter in our thrive process? There are a lot of ways to meditate. Well…we all have a physical body we are aware …

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