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7 Christmas Gifts to Raise Your Vibration

christmas gifts raise vibration
christmas gifts raise vibration

7 Christmas Gifts to Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Christmas is almost knocking at the door.

I know a lot of you have worked late hours in the last few weeks, to get the job done. So, I decided to write down some of the energy recharging Christmas Gift List for this year

It`s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas time is family and friends time. We reconnect to each other more than ever in this time of the year. Make your presents for this year to be very useful for personal development. Here are only some ideas on how to raise your and others positive vibration on Christmas.

Christmas Gifts Raise Vibration

Coloring Books for Adults


Coloring is not just an activity to keep the kids occupied. In fact, coloring books and coloring pages have a therapeutic effect. Coloring generates wellness, quietness, mindfulness. No wonder that coloring is considered to be a form of meditation, because it has almost the same effect on the brain.


Spiritual Books


Reading Spiritual Books always brings to bloom the good seeds in you. Reading about spirituality helps you extend your vision on life. You can learn a lot about spiritual practices and healing methods, keeping your soul alive. Spiritual Books and Self-Development Books are always welcomed around the winter Holidays. We all set up our “TO DO list” for the next year. Help your list for 2017 grow with positive vibes objectives.

DVD with Christmas Movies


Movies are also a great choice for a Christmas Present. All the positivity in the Christmas Movies have a strong impact on our vibrational frequency. The preparing for Christmas, the fact that people try to make good things around Christmas. Even the fact that most of the Holidays Movies have a happy end. Red color and Green, the two representative color for Christmas have a strong recharging effect.

DVD with Christmas Songs


Another method to raise your energetic vibration around Christmas is to listen to Christmas Songs and Carols. Music is known to have strong therapeutic influences on our body. Another reason to listen to this type of music around Christmas? We only are aloud to listen to Christmas Carols in this time of the year.



For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used crystals to disolve mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Because crystals are parts of the earth, when they are placed on the body, they connect you to the planet`s healing energy. After using crystals you will feel more relaxed. Turquoise helps you heal. Bloodstone gives you energy. Smoky quartz helps you let go. Rose quartz cultivates love. Carnelian is good for creativity. These are only some of the large number of crystal types and their benefits on the body, mind and spirit

Essential oils + aromatherapy lamp


These oils can help you relax or sleep, improve your skin or digestion. “Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally” said Brianna Scarpelli, a marketer and expert on essential oils. They were used from Ancient times. Maybe it`s time to go back to our ancestral knowledge and wisdom, and try to heal the cause of our illness, not the effect.

Yoga mat


If you want to be sure that you have sufficient stimuli to raise your energy vibration and to change it to a positive vibration, there is one more gift to the list: yoga mat. One of the conditions to be able to practice a yoga session is to have a good and comfortable mat.


Be a lovely Santa this year. Help the ones you love and appreciate to relax and to heal.

Make sure you make all that`s possible to keep them around you as many years as you can.

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